Chill @ The Church and Saturday

So although I am finally finishing this post on Monday I started on Saturday which is why I’ve post-dated it.

Friday was our first Chill @ The Church (It wasn’t our first alternate halloween party though as we brought in the name change this year.)

So this is what the “lovely” t-shirts looked like! I had to wear one as I was on team – even though orange is really not my colour! CJ had asked my Mum and Dad to help him out as he needed more over 18 year old helpers. My Mum really doesn’t like the colour orange unless it’s on an orange hehe. Also she’d have liked a V-neck. One of the lads suggested that we should have pink t-shirts – I think this was originally a joke but given the fact that Friday was Dare to Wear It day for Breast Cancer Awareness.

Anyhoo so once we got over the colour of the shirts we were set for a good evening. I was on the X Factor side show which was basically Karaoke we used my brothers PS2 Singstar games as the Karaoke machine. The most popular songs of the evening were Pieces of Me by Ashlee Simpson and Sk8er Boi by Avril Lavigne.

Me and Jeccy were really fed up of these two songs by the end of the evening so we decided that before we packed up we needed to do something different – so we sang I Want You Back by The Jackson 5.

I was very tired by the end of the evening as I had done a full day at work and then went straight to church via home. By tea time, I’d realised that maybe I should have had a cooked dinner from the work canteen rather than sandwiches like I do alot of days.


Saturday morning CJ had a Hope 08 meeting, where CJ and others who were involved fed back information about the projects that have been done over the year back to the people who were supporting the teams from different churches and organisations.

CJ arrived home and I was still asleep – as I’d had a really mad week between being at work 3 days and helping at Grandma and Grandad’s house two days in a row and then doing Chill @ The Church I think I had the right to sleep!!!

So I got up at 11:15am (apparently my Dad was having a good long lay in as well!), we then headed off for the Centenary lunch at Howard Memorial Church in Cardington. It was really interesting as I bumped into people and watched a video of different holiday clubs and different bits and pieces that have happened over the years.

After lunch, we went across the road to the farm shop – when the church is busy we use the farm shop car park. Usually when we’re at the church we’re there at the wrong time of day to go into there and had a look. So we had a look in the shop – it was nice to be able to kinda say thank you in a way.

We then headed back to Mum and Dad’s were me and CJ along with Vicky and Rich played Rock Band for like 2 hours straight! My Mum even stuck her head round the door and took photos of us playing computer games!

We went out for tea which was really nice as it was good to spend that time with my family for once normally my brother hides in his room avoiding all company!

We then watched Strictly Come Dancing and I liked Austin’s dance but I really think that Rachel’s Jive didn’t have enough bounce like Louisa and Vincent (Autumn/Winter 2006) or Jill and Darren (Autumn/Winter 2004).

I then came home and worked some more on my presentation and talk.

Then it was bed time!


  1. David says:

    I got a bit of a shock opening this post to see that the photo of the T-Shirt had someones face in it, rather frightened me, thought that Chill@the church was an alternative to Haloween 🙂 anyhow, the choice of colours was to match in with the Minibus (the now off the road minibus) colour! I told Chris I thought it was quite a fetching colour.

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