Conference Part Deux (Tuesday)

CJ is way too excitable in the mornings! He’s like Tigger bouncing around like he’s on a sugar rush without the sugar! On Tuesday morning, I just wanted to sleep I think early mornings and busy weekends had caught up with me. I asked CJ to grab me a banana and leave me to sleep for a little longer. I eventually dragged myself out of bed and we ended up at breakfast only 10 minutes late.

There was a wide range to choose from and I’m kinda glad that I didn’t have just a banana. Breakfast on its own was a like a three course meal. I had Weetabix for like the first time in two years, followed by scrambled eggs with sausage (there were other bits to choose from – I think it was tinned tomatoes and mushrooms both of which I don’t like). After my semi-fry up I had a croissant, I then made a comment about going back to bed for a siesta! (It was only about 9:15am!).

Following breakfast we nipped upstairs to grab our bibles and bits that we needed for the morning.

First thing on the menu for Tuesday was the morning meeting. Rather than being a sit down meeting with one person chatting at us it was a prayer a meeting. At the beginning it was praying for things like Grapevine and stuff like that. We then got into smaller groups and prayed for our churches. Me and Mr C were with a couple from New Life Lincoln. So we prayed for their church and they prayed for RP.

After that the young and new leaders that they’d made stand up the at the evening meeting on Monday had to group at one of the end of the room while everyone else in the room stood in pairs and created a big circle. It was good to be prayed for by everyone but in a way it was a bit scary!! Having all them leaders praying for me on my way round. I got to the end of the circle and stood in the middle and I was  bit stunned in all honesty. I didn’t really have like a falling over moment like some people had so I guess I felt a little bit left out in a way but then again I wasn’t too bothered – God touches everyone in different ways. Sometimes it’s a knock over and lay down feeling and other times it’s just a make you bawl your eyes out like a baby moment.