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So mine is a bit of a twisted one to get it to fit.Yesterday I was taking some rubbish out at church. I thought I’d bequick and really clever if I nipped behind the bus rather than walkingto the front and round.I was wrong.I mis-judged the width between the wall and the bus, I knew there wasa step and so would just need to be careful. I wasn’t careful enoughand ended up catching my shin on the edge of the step and my arm onthe other end of the step.Chris and Jeccy came and helped me out of my contorted mess half onthe step half on the paving of the driveway.My injuries were mainly bruises and grazes but I should be ok. So hereis the bruise from my arm (After today I’ve come to the idea that mywrist although it didn’t hurt straight away having used it most of theday I think it took quite a lot of the brunt of me landing.)


  1. Hannah says:

    No the bus was parked – it was aboput half 10 and was quite dark and I misjudged the gap between the back of the bus and the church wall lol.

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