Currently…10th November


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Strictly Come Dancing
Grey’s Anatomy
Doctor Who
Downton Abbey
Million Dollar Listing NYC

Eleven Doctors, Eleven Stories (I’m up to the Second Doctor)

Not so much music, as I write this I’m listening to the adverts during Downton Abbey and Jaxon’s snoring as he fell asleep in my lap after a feed. I think today in London took it out of him. There was so much excitement. He went on the train, the tube and an escalator for the first times.

Still working on bits for the charity craft sale on the 23rd November as well as Christmas presents. I was working on my mother in law’s present when she and my father in law arrived for a quick visit last night – oops!! I carefully put it away as if I was clearing the sofa to make sure there were clear seats lol.

Working some more on blog posts. I’ve figured that if I park my note pad next to me with a drink just before feeding Jaxon then I can scribble ideas down when he’s on the right side. When he’s on the wrong side I can read FB and things like that one handed. I’ve also been working on the Christmas lists as suggested on my 10 Top Tips for an Organised Christmas post.

I’m loving the family time we’ve had in the last week or so. Chris and I have been watching Downton Abbey together.

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