Currently…12th June

Currently - What Have I Been Upto?

We’re part way through June now and it’s time to start counting down to the Boys Crazy Adventure and then Jaxon’s Birthday on the other side of that. Our house was a crazy hive of activity and my living room was beginning to look like an airport’s departure lounge!



I tend to watch more American television shows than British television shows, so a lot of the television shows I watch are coming to the end of their current seasons. On Alibi there’s Rosewood then on Netflix there’s White CollarPretty Little Liars and iZombie. Pretty Little Liars was getting a bit annoying and I was about ready to give up. However, we’re getting close to the end now so I’m just wating out the last few episodes.

I finished Switched at Birth. I would have like to have seen Daphne graduate college but it ended on a good note anyway as a lot of storylines were tied end nicely and finished off.

Doctor Who is still on BBC One. Chris and I have been watching it once Jaxon is in bed but one time we ended up watching two episodes back to back because we had missed one.

I am hoping to go and see Wonder Woman at some point. I think I might go on a solo cinema trip while I can – I haven’t been in a while.

At the weekend, I got to see both Romeo and Juliet and Macbeth by Oddsocks Productions in Bedford Park. Last year, I had wanted to see the performance so somewhere along the line I offered to help. I’d litter pick at the end if it meant I could see a Shakespeare play. When it was announced that Oddsocks would be back again this year, I emailed the lovely Emma at the Pavilion and signed up to help again. This year I got to see both the plays – so now I’ve seen Macbeth twice. But because it’s tweaked in places to make it relevant to current affairs it had changed in places. Some bits were so funny but when I tried to explain when I got home the boys didn’t always get why it was that funny!


I’ve stopped reading Angelopolis by Danielle Trussoni at the moment and started Two Nights by Kathy Reichs. This is her new one which is being released in a few weeks time (EDIT: 29th June in fact – You can preorder here – this is an affiliate link BTW)


It varies. This week I’ve been working my way through a random shuffled list – I actually ended up with a few Christmas songs in the mix which was interesting given the sunshine that we’ve had this weekend.


I’m continuing to work on Jaxon’s blanket. There’s been a hiccup as one of the colours doesn’t match but I think once it’s finished you won’t be able to see it. I’m going to try and get it finished by the time he comes back from the Boys Crazy Adventure.


A bit of a mix. Tthis last week we went to the polls to vote for a new Prime Minister and Government. There was a bit of mud-slinging going backwards and forwards about who we should vote for as a country. I had pretty much made up my mind who I was going to vote for. Chris had been listening to the local hustings and kept debating with himself who to vote for. We got there in the end and Our Sidekick, Chris and myself went to do our thing at different points during Thursday and cast our votes.

We spent the evening watching the results come in. Bedford finally declared sometime around 3am, I was asleep but stirred enough for Chris to tell me that Bedford was now a Labour seat not Conservative. I’ve had multiple politics lessons in the last few weeks including that Bedford is a swing seat, there’s less than 5% between the two lead parties and Jeremy Corbyn came to visit the town at least once leading up to the election.

Having breakfast then off to do this. #vote #ge2017 #generalelection #bedford #bedfordshire

Britain is remaining a Conservative government. In a way that could probably be followed by “for now” but who knows.

I’m excited that Jaxon will get to go on an aeroplane and have an adventure. However, part of me is nervous that I won’t be there. (Don’t worry! Nanny, Daddy and Our Sidekick will be with him!)

My living room looking more like a departure lounge!


We’re finishing getting all the bits together for the boys crazy adventure. I’m working on planning what to do while they are away!


Loving the gorgeous weather again. It’s getting a bit hot again around lunchtime. However the rest of the day is cooler and means we can hang out in the garden.