Currently…14th November

The image below and the Currently prompts from RUKristin.


On Saturday, when we got back from Jaxon’s parent consultation we watched Bing. It meant he was distracted while I was having a bit of a wobble about a situation that went down.

When we got in from my friend’s birthday party, I snuggled up on the sofa and watched Strictly Come Dancing. There’s something about it, this series that just isn’t clicking for me and I can’t put my finger on it. In previous years I’ve really excited but this time I’m not so much. I still think they need to include contemporary and some other forms of dance like Dancing with The Stars does. However, I guess it might not appeal so much then.

In the week I had been watching The Crown on Netflix. It sort of fits that Downton Abbey shaped hole in a way! I pretty much binged watched it. When they announce Season 2 I’ll have to go back and watch it again. I really liked Matt Smith at Prince Philip. But I half expected him to run down the corridor shouting “Geronimo” and looking for a blue box! I think it was filmed in such a way that we were supposed to feel sorry for Matt’s character. I don’t think I ever realised quite what Prince Philip gave up when he married the Queen. Not only did he give up his titles, he converted to the Church of England rather than being Greek Orthodox and then gave up his career too. I also caught up on Designated Survivor when really I should have been sleeping.


Yep reading didn’t happen this week either. I read to Jaxon on the nights I did bedtime. I don’t think Thomas is really at my reading level.


I’ve been out in the car more than normal this week. So I’ve had Pentatonix playing while I drive. I collected Our Sidekick from work with their version of The Waltz of The Sugar Plum Fairy playing and he got in just for the epic high note. It’s actually not that high but it is sung in falsetto so could seem higher than I think it actually is.


My wool order from Wool Warehouse arrived really quickly following my order last week. I was able to get on with crocheting more squares for my Temperature Blanket and attempt to get back on track with the end of the year being seven weeks away. I think I need to do about 3-5 squares a day to catch up but there completely do-able I think.


My cold has thankfully cleared up. Jaxon and I both had our flu shots on Thursday so I was a bit worried that he’d get a reaction. I had a bit of a sore arm on Friday but by Saturday it was fine again. Saturday was a rollercoaster of feelings with various things going on. I went to my first ceilidh/barn dance in years. The boys wouldn’t really dance with me but Our Sidekick got roped in so he did dance with me for one song.

Chris had to move the car and Jaxon wouldn’t sit with Our Sidekick so I ended up with him on my shoulders while trying to take part in one of the dances. I wish I had had a camera to hand because he was absolutely giggling away when we had to duck under the arms of the pair opposite us then take our arms back over their heads. He was loving it but was just so heavy across my shoulders. I had commented about taking the carrier with us but then had completely forgotten about it and left it at home.

Also, the November Brimbles Box arrived last week. I’m stupidly excited about it because November is the Christmas box! Some bits are going to appear once I write about Christmas but I’m going to get adding stickers to my spreads especially as I plan Christmas shopping bits. You can see my unboxing over on YouTube. (There are still a few available here if you get tempted)


So my “new-to-me” EC planner arrived and I was absolutely gobsmacked. The seller must have literally opened it, taken the photos and put it back in the box because it was wrapped in the official tissue paper with the “enjoy” packing sticker, postcard and another sticker.

I got a little bit of planner done during the week but trying to set that Sunday evening I will catch up and plan the next week. I had a lot of dates to add for work now with things being planned into 2017 so that’s very exciting.


The crisp colder mornings but not when I had to walk to preschool in the rain! Twice last week I misjudged how long it would take us to get to preschool and we ended up being really early or walking some of it at Jaxon’s pace to kill time.

I love how inquisitive he can be and how much he loves the leaves. We walked to the shop on Saturday for some bread and he pretty much had to explore every pile of leaves, puddle and manhole cover!

What have you been up to currently? Have you been watching or reading anything in particular?


    • Hannah says:

      Jaxon’s only properly been into the leaves this year. Last year he was about 16 months and hadn’t really been walking that much so was usually strapped in the carrier or in the buggy when we walked to the shop – now he’s more mobile and a walk to the shop isn’t exhausting for him and he can explore all that bit more. I’ll be sure to share more of my planner 😀

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