Currently…17th November


Currently… image from rukristin

Strictly Come Dancing (I expected Judy to go sooner but now she’s gone – I would like Anton to win someday – he’s been in every series so far and not got that far)
Grey’s Anatomy
Criminal Minds
NCIS: Los Angeles (There doesn’t seem to be as many episodes of the normal NCIS)

Once again not made it back to my reading book. I’ve been reading blogs and news stories. There were quite a few news stories last week about the poppies at the Tower of London – we had been to see them on Monday. It was also Jaxon’s first trip to London which was quite exciting.

More of the radio. On Friday it was Children in Need, so whenever I was in the car I had the Radio 2 Jukebox on. I requested Friday I’m in Love by The Cure for a friend of mine who was volunteering manning the phone lines at the radio station – however it was played without my dedication.

Working on Christmas presents, I have to try and get as much done as I can when Jaxon is asleep or occupied – which is sometimes easier said than done! I’m getting there though.

Working on blog posts and ideas for my little business, it’s getting there but I’ve got to work on things like “Do I need a website?” “What should it say?” “Do I want a blog on there too?” I guess I will get there in the end but I just need to have a chunk of time to properly work on it – either that or I need to plan it and then when Jaxon is in bed go mad and get it done!

The fact that I’ve cooked so many times recently – okay it’s not exactly gourmet meals but they are proper meals with a balance selection of food! It sounds really sad but I’m impressed.

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