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Strictly Come Dancing
NCIS: Los Angeles
Grey’s Anatomy

Currently I’m not really reading anything. I finished reading Walking Home on Saturday. It’s an autobiography by Clare Balding and it’s really interesting. I’ve been getting more interested in walking further afield rather than just to and from the supermarket. I want to invest in one of those backpack carriers so that Jaxon and I can go exploring while we have the opportunity. The early evenings are setting in now with the clocks changing this weekend just gone but I’m sure I can still cover some miles (especially with my FitBit strapped to my wrist),

Radio mainly when I’m in the car – as I write this I have a TV program from iPlayer playing in the background, also have Jaxon’s burbling to accompany my typing.

Been working on a present with Our Sidekick – he’s doing the hard work but I am pointing him in the right direction. I am then crocheting a blanket to hopefully have ready for the craft sale that is taking place to raise funds for the Dalit Freedom Network. I’m also being a bit more technical and helping out my Mum’s friend with her website.

I’m feeling okay. With the clocks changing and the evenings drawing in I am struggling a little bit this week because of it getting darker and not having so much time outside but if I’m organised and get out in the morning then I can do stuff in the morning then work in front of the computer and in the house as it gets darker outside – it’s all about planning your day the right way round and not wasting the light.

I’m working on getting ideas down on paper ready for NaBloPoMo. Some die hards would say that I’m doing it wrong by planning ideas in advance but I think I need to do it to make sure I’m ticking the boxes as the month goes. Especially if I’m going to be trying to comment on others too as I go.

Snuggles with Jaxon – will I ever stop loving them? I’m also loving my fluffy slippers – I need to see if I can send them through the washing machine as I don’t think they’ve been washed recently and I think they are showing it now!


    • Hannah says:

      It’s good and I like it. It seems a little more polished than NCIS but it still works. Sometime Abby pops up for the odd cameo which is cool. What kind of shows do you like?

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