Currently…5th October

Currently - 5th October

This post was originally started using the Currently prompt from RUKristin. You can find that here. Have a good week!

Chris and I have been watching Downton Abbey on a Sunday night – I guess in a way it’s become a bit of an unofficial date night. We put Jaxon to bed and eat dinner (usually dinner first but it kind of depends what else is happening!) then settle down in front of the TV and work our way through various bits until 9pm when Downton comes on. Last night we actually did chores up until Downton came on instead.

I’ve been kind of glued to my copy of Wild Nights by Phoebe Smith. I keep ending up reading it while giving Jaxon his milk before bed and then reading it again when I get into bed.¬†When Jaxon woke up in the middle of the night last night I was completely awake and was tempted to actually get up and read it then! I do keep going back to The Other Side of Silence but it’s a bit heavy for bedtime reading some nights. It’s main topic is depression and mental health in general and it was kind of getting me down, I think there was so much going on around here that i needed something that was a bit more lighthearted and happy rather than deep and thoughtful kind of thing.

It’s all gone a bit bananas. I’m making granny squares for a Top Secret Mission that I am helping with. So far I’m up to about 10 squares but I’m aiming for like 30-40 I think (Actually it could be 50….had better check that one lol). I did attempt to vlog this morning but steering the buggy and attempting to hold my phone at the right angle so I don’t have a “triple chin” wasn’t really working for me. I’m tempted to buy a selfie stick because I figure that might help a bit but won’t solve the buggy vs camera sort of juggling act – I guess I need to get Jaxon in his carrier and do it like that even though he’ll probably be chatting in the background (literally lol). On Saturday we attend the Bed Pop Fun Palaces and one of the activities was cross stitching with Mr X (aka Jamie) (While looking for his website link I found this – 52 Challenge – so a different cross stitch pattern every week for a year. COOL!)

Chris the superstar wrote a list of all the food we have in the house, then wrote a food plan while writing a shopping list – he was on an epic mission yesterday. He did then dispatch me to the supermarket with Jaxon wanting me to do the food shopping. Jaxon was hungry by the time I got there and so he was getting more and more worked up which was stressing me out on top of the trolley rage that I get because of people standing in front of me or walking super slowly (yeah I know I think I should pray for more patience!)

I’ve added this one so that I can add things that I’ve actually completed. Earlier today I caught up with all the clothes washing – well now I haven’t because Jaxon needed to be stripped before his bath as he had sweet potato SW chips and carrots all mushed onto his t-shirt and trousers and then we have the stuff we were all wearing today but hopefully now that I’m up to date I can try and keep up with it properly. This evening I had then managed to clear all my photos off of my iCloud account onto the iMac so now I have over 3GB of space instead of it repeatedly warning me that there was no room for a backup and that I needed to purchase more space.

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