Currently… image from rukristin

Criminal Minds (Season 9 finale)
Doctor Who (onto the David Tennant episodes.)
Grey’s Anatomy (Season Finale)

Kisses from Katie by Katie Davis (finished on Friday)
Let’s All Be Brave by Annie F. Downs

McFly or Les Mis depending on what I feel like. Stars and One More Day are getting pretty worn out at the moment.

Currently working on the stripy blanket. Now on the cream between turquoise and blue. While the temperature is a bit higher I’ve carried on with a few other projects, currently thinking about what to do for Christmas presents. I’m sure I should start making some – especially with baby due so close.

Achy – still running out of room and feeling it. Had Braxton Hicks but according to the midwife baby hasn’t moved into my pelvis yet (I’m convinced baby has, have to pee more and can actually eat sort of normally…..)

My hospital bag is packed minus phone charger and iPad charger which will probably be grab from the socket just before we leave jobs. Baby’s hospital bag is already and Chris just needs to sort his out – he’s started taking it with him whenever we go out just in case he has to take me to the hospital again (and they decide to keep me in or something). Wondering if my hospital bag and baby’s bag should go in the boot of the car just in case we have to go. Does this sound like a good plan or a waste of time?

Crocheting, knitting, blogging and hanging out with Chris while he’s about.


    • Hannah says:

      I started on Netflix then after about Season 4 had to change to NowTV as they don’t have the later series on Netflix UK. I’ve caught up to the end of Season 9 now but had to jump the beginning of Season 9 as the episodes weren’t available. Between My Mum and Wikipedia I managed to fill in the gaps and work out what was going on.

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