Currently…6th July


Each Monday I start with a sum up of what’s currently happening around these parts – especially when some weeks seem to fly by quicker than others!

I discovered a show called Miss Fisher Murder Mysteries. It’s an Australian show set in the late 1920s. The lead Miss Fisher often gets herself into sticky situations while trying to “help” solve crimes. She adopts a few lost sheep along the way including Dot and Jane. Dot was a maid at the house that is involved in the first episode of season 1, then she adopts Jane along the way in the next episode or two.

I’ve also been watching Persicope videos. It’s good fun and I did attempt another Periscope video but I’m still not sure what to do exactly. Need to get a selfie stick or something like that so that I can make my phone stand up a little easier.

I’ve gone back to reading The Abomination by Jonathan Holt which I was sent a copy ages ago and then downloaded the Kindle version – the book was too heavy to read comfortably. It’s been renamed as The Boatman now. I decided it was about time that I started to clear my Currently Reading pile rather than just complaining about how that and the TBR pile were both growing.

In the last four or five days I crocheted 25 squares for a blanket – they only contained 3 rounds so didn’t take too long. They are all for a project I’ve been doing with my Mum. I’ve also been working on another blanket too based on the one that we brought back from Auntie K’s a couple of weeks ago. I loved it but it had been a present to Our Sidekick so I figured that it was a good project to work on using up some of my stash of wool. I have SO much! It’s not good.

Food! Haha! Better, still not great though. We’re off on holiday in the next few weeks so going to have to figure out how to do Slimming World while camping – either that or I just surrender for the meals at the tent and then when I’m out and about I try to make wise choices or something like that. Given the amount that will need to be tinned, fresh or dried rather than frozen I might surrender for the week but it actually can’t be that hard can it?

Working On:
Well I found a notebook to start Find Your Voice but all the craziness around Jaxon’s birthday and figuring out what to do for holiday means that I’m being really rubbish about doing it. I keep joining in the conversation bits especially as I am a Facebook Ambassador but I haven’t got on with it. Not good! I do however read the workshop tasks and think about them so I kinda have some idea about what other people are doing and what’s inspiring them.

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