Day 1099

We had a really lazy day and started the day at about midday lol.

Sleep is good! lol

We got up and went to the supermarket – we placed an order for a shed cubby hole thing to go in the garden for the lawn mower and gardening bits so that they don’t mess up the Summer House.

We also looked at getting some garden furniture – which is very nice. I think it’s this one but I couldn’t remember lol. We had a long discussion about which parasol we wanted to go with the table and then which base we wanted to go with the parasol and table.

After that we came home to hang out for a little while, yesterday was Embedded, you’d come up with an idea using red food colouring to emphasis your point – it meant that your hands and the wooden chopping board are completely stained with red food colouring – looks like a whole lot of blood. Interesting!