Day 1110

Today is a binary number – it’s 14 in Base 10 and I’m not even going to try Base 12 it confused me! If I was clever, I would be telling you what 14 is in Octal numbers but thats your job.

The Kiwi was off work today 🙁 I went home at lunch with tissues and painkillers in hand. She’d been sleeping all morning but got up for some food a little while before I arrived home to get some soup.

I thought that I wasn’t going to see you till later on but then you appeared – you were being all serious and discussing work stuff.

In about half an hour there is a prayer meeting at church. It’s good because we will be meeting together and stuff but then again you know how I feel about prayer meetings.

Between work and the prayer meeting I downloaded The Good Life Series 1 and 2 – How is it that I’ve seen this first episode like 50 times and yet it’s still funny!

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