Day 1119

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Although given the weather a BBQ might have been more appropriate – we had a roast dinner sat at our garden table (it didn’t look like this one – It didn’t cross my mind to take a picture while tucking into it yesterday).

You’d come in from work and said that someone might be coming for dinner, you’d invited Mr W and The Murf but they were both busy or had other plans.

You decided that you wanted someone to come to dinner but you didn’t know who – so you decided to put an invite on Facebook to your friends.

That Boy is offering a free meal to the first person to turn up at my house!

Well then we waited to see if anyone arrived. The door bell did ring once but it was just next door wanting to take their ball back.

One of the lads from the youth group commented about coming round to dinner and if the invite would be open tomorrow evening as he was busy – or he was revising and so didn’t go on FB at the right time lol.

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