Day 1225 and 1226 (18th and 19th Sept)

This weekend we went camping with the Connect Group from church. It was a little crazy but so much fun at the same time. It was very funny when you chased Joe because he wouldn’t give you a hug. I think if Dave had been there as well then he’d have gone home rather than have hugs lol.

Caz Libs and Zoza were all aimed with their cameras to capture as many silly moments as possible. I was actually telling you off but Zoza and Libs both commented on how cute we were. This was on Saturday evening while we were all sat round the camp fire.

Sunday was cool as well once we got the tents down we all went to a local pub for lunch which was really nice. I wasn’t really hungry so had cheesy nachos for lunch and a pudding – I decided that I could always get a sandwich when I was back in Bedford if I was still hungry.

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