Day 28 (Jan 28th)

So I had this plan yesterday, I was too tired to go to band so I was going to sit at home and do very little – or at least write some deep insightful blog posts lol.

Well that didn’t quite work out, Chris wanted to try updating my MacBook. It needed an OS update and in the meantime he was going to sort some other bits out. Apparently my MacBook didn’t agree with this and through about 5 episodes of Doctor Who and 2 episode of Torchwood Chris tried to update it.

Roll forward to about midnight when I surrender and go to sleep. I’m not sure how long Chris stayed up but I know it must have been longer than he really wanted to because he took my MacBook to pieces gave it a good clean and put it back together again to see if that made any difference. I kept joking about just giving up and getting a new one – then again if I could afford £840 ish for a new MacBook a ticket to Aussie wouldn’t be too far in the distance.

So I have the feeling that most of my blog posts will be just text as I post from my phone over the next few days while Chris tries to sort the MacBook for me.

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  1. Becky says:

    Oh, that’s rough. I had to take my MacBook in last month and I left like I was without a limb while it was being repaired. Hang in there — nice to have a handy honey to troubleshoot!

    • Hannie says:

      I’ve hijacked Chris’s MacBook for the afternoon – he’s managed to get it updated but is still working on some other bits so I can’t have it back yet lol. He’s tweaking some settings in iPhoto so that it shared the network drive – or something like that lol.

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