Day 30: An Idea

I’ve decided to diet. Yeah I know a little extreme but hopefully somehow it will work lol. I stood on the scales yesterday and got a fright – the only think I can put it down to is the fact that I had quite a lot to eat Saturday tea time and quite a lot to eat Monday tea time – birthdays and Christmas are not good (food wise that is lol).

I’m going to cut down to one can of diet cola a day – I drink quite a lot of fizzy and it’s not good for me so this is it. I’m allowing myself the one can of fizzy. If we go out for tea or something like that I can have one glass of fizzy and then switch to water (or fruit juice)

Sweets and chocolate – these are probably my weakness so these are going. I still have some of my Easter eggs so I might chop them up or something and get CJ to use them in cooking (or he can eat them seeing as he’s skinny boy!)

Someone suggested drinking more water and milk – drinking more water helps you to feel “more full up” so when it comes to meal times you want to eat less. Also milk helps the same but has protein and stuff in it so you still get “fed” in a way.

Someone also suggested that rather than dieting all 7 days, that something to try was dieting during the week and then over the weekend you can relax the rules a little. I think I with stick with the reduction of fizzy intake at weekends as if it’s in the house I drink more lol.

I’m not sure about the giving the car up to walk to work voluntarily – I think I might introduce this one gradually lol. Maybe start with walking to and from church and then extend it to and from work (I don’t mind from work because it’s down hill but the to work journey is a bit steep and it means I get to work and feel like I need to go home for a sleep or a shower!)

Can I point out that I am a freaky geek who knows too much random information that isn’t relevant! Like Mr Nigel-Murray in Bones! Maybe I’d be a good Anthropologist! This morning while I was at work the Big Cheese and Ali were discussing the weather and I came out with some junk about mountain ranges and freezing rain and how you can get two different weather systems less than 100 miles apart. I am a geek can I don’t want to be a sponge of information any more lol either that or I need to be able to tune my recall abilities so that I can make it more useful. What’s the point in being able to remember this information if I can’t recall it??


  1. Evan says:

    On an episode of “Food Detectives” I found out that there’s sugar in diet sodas too.
    It tastes worse AND has the same amount of sugar & calories.

  2. Robert Joy says:

    Here in Kansas I lost fifty pounds. I was at 230 pounds before deciding to lose it. Everyone told me I was doing it all wrong by not eating breakfast, but I didn’t listen to them. It was the easiest meal to miss so I missed it. I used to go to work and not eat anything until dinner. I walked to dinner clear up town at my noon hour. I used to deliberatly took less food from the buffet and walked back to work (About a US mile) I didn’t loose much then, but I didn’t get larger. Then I started walking three or four miles a day and started eating less and less for meals. In two years I lost fifty pounds and I feel great. When ever I craved something to eat and couldn’t get it to go away… I went on a very long walk. I came back tired and not as hungry. I’m 66 now and I’m in better shape than I’ve been in years. The walking is hard at first. my legs used to hurt and hurt, but now they have strength in them. I had polio when I was a kid and i have to keep care my legs don’t go on me. I intend to be alive when I’m a hundred and nine and still walking.
    I’m reading the Hannah blog every day and I’m cheering for my pen pal all the way from Kansas USA You can do anything you put your mind too.
    Robert (The old guy)

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