Day 30 (Jan 30th)

One of my best friends moved further up north to study to be a teacher, she’s been having a rough patch and after Christmas wasn’t too happy about going back.

Well we came to the rescue. Two weeks or so ago we organised with Kewey’s boyfriend that we would go up to her parents and surprise her for the day. So today was the day. Oh man it was hard.

I’d like to think that I am pretty good at keeping secrets when it comes to surprise parties but do you think I could keep this one quiet – every time I spoke to her I wanted to tell her because I was excited that I was going to see her but I couldn’t tell her because that would ruin the surprise. So I kinda went to the other side and ignored her – not because she’d done something wrong to upset me or anything like that but because I didn’t want to wreck the surprise after all the work that had gone into it.

So today was the day and I could speak to Kewey again lol. Serena came and collected me at quarter to ten and we headed for the supermarket near Kewey’s Boyfriend’s house as there was a little change of plan.

We met there and then headed for the house. Me and Serena parked in the driveway and then I ran back up the street to wave at Andrew and Laura who weren’t sure where we were or where we were going.

We all parked and headed inside and Kewey was completely floored that we sorted this all out without her knowing.

We headed to a local pub for lunch which was lovely we were on a circle table so we could all join in the conversation without feeling like we were cut out or anything like that. I was going to have Pasta Giglio Romana or something like that but they were out of it so I had the same dish but with a tomato sauce instead or something like that. Laura misread it and kept calling it a gigolo which was kinda funny especially when the waitress asked her to repeat it lol.

After lunch we popped to Kewey’s house so she could pick up the Christmas presents and we chatted to Kewey’s parents for a few minutes – her Mum was upto the eyeballs with Ofsted stuff so we didn’t stop for long. We headed over to the local outlet place where Kewey’s sister works, we popped in to see her and say hello then wandered round the shops.

We all went for a hot chocolate at the Thornton’s Café and exchanged Christmas presents. From Laura I got two pairs of slipper socks, from Serena I got a pair of bright yellow socks with guitars and stars on them, a new belt with musical notes and other bits on it and some funky plasters which had kawaii characters on them (Serena pointed out this was an afterthought and she saw them and thought of me lol) and Kewey got me the Little Miss Sunshine book and a cuddly Little Miss Sunshine. I think that is Christmas 2010 finished now lol.

Me and Serena headed home and listened to the Top 40 chart most of the way home – I was a little frustrated as I knew hardly any of the songs. An Adele track was played so we turned up the radio and sang our socks off (when it had finished we turned it back down again lol) and then when Cee Lo Green came on we turned the radio up again. (Equally on the way we had Radio 1 on and it wasn’t till we got to Mansfield did I recognise two of the songs – one was Florence + The Machine and the other was Take That)

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