Day 31 (31st Jan)

Today was a reasonably chilled out day, I was kinda hoping for a lay in but it didn’t really happen. At 4 minutes to 8 this morning something woke me and I was bolt awake I tried dozing for about an hour but it was driving me mad so on the day I’d taken to recover from Sundays adventure I ended up getting up about 9-9:30am-ish.

I caught up on some TV and did some knitting. I managed to finish a scarf that I started back in March/April 2010 (I think). I got to the end and was trying to cast off but because it’s funny wool I couldn’t do it by myself so I need to go and ask Mum how to do it tomorrow. I made Chris breakfast in bed as he was being really lazy and having a mammoth lay in (I thought it was a sweet thing to do okay?!) then came downstairs to eat my own breakfast at about 11am! (This is probably why a large hot chocolate was enough to be lunch!)

I went to see Morning Glory at the cinema, which I really enjoyed. It was strange to be in the cinema at Monday lunchtime rather than a weekday evening. I went home and hung out with Chris some more. Did lots more knitting while I sat there half watching/listening to Terry Wogan’s Documentary about Ireland (Was very interesting).

Me and Chris organised to take out The Kiwi for Birthday tea. Mum, Dad and The Stig came too. I had New Yorker Pasta but had forgotten to ask for it without chilli – however when I ate it, it wasn’t that spicy so either the waitress remembered from when me and Chris went two or three weeks ago or the chef forgot to put some in (or didn’t put enough lol). The evening was full of lots of laughter, me and The Stig walked from the restaurant to the car singing “Ain’t That A Kick In The Head” at the top of our lungs. We got to the end of the song and my brother carrying on singing the words and I sang the tune that plays under the last note then we burst into hysterics.

We came home and I tried to finish the scarf but I couldn’t get it to cast off because of the funny bobbly bits in it – I need to take it to Mum’s tomorrow on the way home from work and see if I can get her to help me cast it off.
I’ve been mulling over about what to put in my Etsy store and I think some of these bobbly scarves might be the way forward – I can knock one out in nearly a day so theoretically I should be able to knock out 1 and a half in a weekend (and then finish the second one during the week. I think 1 ball is slightly too short and two is too long so they might be sold as longer scarves as well lol.

While knitting I watched The Holiday and The American President – I think it was beginning to annoy Chris when I was quoting it but on some bits he did laugh so it can’t have been that bad lol.

My other project that has been recently thrown at me is to knit a scarf in the style of Doctor Who (the length rather than the patterns) to be used in the Christmas Production that Chris is putting together. We’ll have to see how it goes – me and Mum could be knitting squares and then sewing them together to create the finished article.

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    • Hannie says:

      I’ve been well thank you 🙂 I love the Holiday – I think that Jack Black’s character is sooo sweet and caring.

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