Day 35 (4th Feb) – LDN and Eggheads

So Back in January I posted the above tweet on Twitter. There came various responses and in the end there was a team. My Twitter Friend Matt became our team captain and went about getting us signed up to play.

Well first we had an audition to get through – so will about a weeks notice I tried to get the time off work – and thankfully my managers were in a good mood that day and it was allowed lol.

This morning just after 9am Chris dropped me off at Bedford Train Station and after a little bit of confusion with the ticket machine, I had my ticket in one hand my hot chocolate in the other and my headphones in my ears playing Alanis Morisette and other bands including Firework by Katy Perry (I tweeted this and got some interesting comments including this one from Deevski)

I catch the 0949 to St Pancras which arrives in the station at about 1030 which gives me just enough time to master the route I need to take to get from St Pancras to Covent Garden to go play on the MacBooks and iMacs in the Apple Store (And join in with WaterCoolerMoment at 11am hosted by Rickie today but normally by BitsyTalk). I think the Apple People were a little irritated by me tweeting lots but to a certain degree it was testing it lol. I am pretty sure I walked past at least two people signed into the Facebook accounts.

Anyway so I hover but then I start to feel really really uncomfortable so go for a wander round Covent Garden. I’d tweeted about leaving the Apple Store and got this reply from Rickie.

My friends rock lol. I go for a wander round Covent Garden and find this awesome shop called Artbox – it’s so cool! It’s like Kawaii heaven lol. From Covent Garden I catch the tube up to Regents Park station as the audition was just round the corner from there and we were going to grab coffees to plot before we headed in. I went for a bit of an explore near the tube station so I knew what we could get for lunch – our main choices were sandwiches from Pret or Pizza Express. I wandered back up to the tube station and hovered far enough away that I wasn’t in the flow of traffic but close enough that hopefully my teammates would spot me. At this point I was looking for Matt and Dan. We also grabbed some lunch – I managed to once again resist getting diet cola and ended up with lemon flavoured water juice stuff lol. It’s like Pret’s own version of This Water Lemon.

While we were eating out sandwiches Becca joined us. She’s so super lovely – exactly how I imagined she would be – she laughs lots and made me laugh lots.

We headed to the audition but we were a bit early so we sat in the foyer and chatted some more. The hotel that the audition was at was a Holiday Inn but it seemed really posh and so there was me in my jeans and I felt really underdressed lol.

We were first in and started filling in forms – we were given really big name labels so that when the production team took our pictures our names would be clear. I should hear in the next week whether or not our team qualifies for the TV show and things like that.

We then moved onto a quiz of sorts for most of the afternoon which was good fun – I was really gutted though because I started writing Romeo and Juliet for one of my answers only to second guess myself and change it to Midsummer Night’s Dream and it should have been Romeo and Juliet – argh! Hopefully they’ll see that I had started writing the correct answer and give me a half point or something lol.

We then played some rounds as a team – I got Food and Drink as my category – not my strength but I got my question right which was a good start for me. We got our head to head’s correct but we lost in sudden death – our question was What crime was the French watchmaker Robert Hubert hung for in 1666? Well we got the wrong end of the stick and was working from the French Watchmaker bit and we should have looked at the date. In 1666, it was the Great Fire of London and Hubert was hung for being an arsonist – he was believed to have started the fire.

Following the audition we headed for the tube, Matt and Dan were going one way and Becca needed to go the other so I headed with Becca towards the station so she could catch her train on time. (I was a more flexible when it came to getting home). Me and Becca went down the stairs to the platform, she hoped on the train and as I got to the door because I had to dodge someone the door closed. I waved at Becca and mouthed that I’d catch the next one – I meant that we’d catch our relative trains and then meet at Liverpool St where we were getting off.

As I got to Liverpool St, Becca got off the same train as me, she’d got off at the next tube stop and then waited and caught the next one which should have been mine (I got confused by something she said) but we found each other in the end.

We wandered round the shops at the station and then said goodbyes – it was so lovely to meet her in person and that mean that another of my 101 Things in 1001 Days is complete as well as 24 before 25 goals. Yup I have two goals list running at the same time.

I had a lovely time on Friday and now just need to wait for the phone call to come in. I’ll tell you about the rest of the trip tomorrow.

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