Day 45: Valentines

I keep looking at the Daily Drop Cap and wanting to some how use it and somehow I fail completely – I get distracted by something else to blog about but here I am. So Happy Valentines Day and here is the post. I’m one of those people that really struggled with Valentines Day. By the time I was in my teens I’d kinda pretend that it didn’t matter but I was kinda gutted each time that I didn’t get a card (right I’m sure that I’m not the only one right?!).

Well Valentine’s is one of those “holidays” that kinda gets celebrated and kinda doesn’t – but this year was the best. Last year me and Chris had a disagreement on Valentine’s Day and spent most of the day mad at each other (Yup I know not so good) but today was good. Last night before going to sleep I put Chris’s card on his pillow. He has Mondays off and I don’t so I wanted to leave it for him so that he could open it when he got to that point rather than me waking him and him being grumpy while I charge round getting ready for work. Well I went to work and didn’t really think any more of it. Chris isn’t the kind to send flowers to work or anything like that so I didn’t really think about it. I got in the car and drove home. I’ve been having a bit of a pants time at work recently either because I’m just not feeling it or because there is genuinely something wrong. Today was a genuinely wrong day but could have been a not feeling it day, and you wonder why I can’t tell if I’m coming or going lol.

So I get home and there is a full production line in the kitchen – Chris is on a mission and is cooking dinner. On the menu: ham, eggs and chips (or other potato product in the end) with veggies and baked beans. He was on a mission so I said hi and then went to check my phone so that I didn’t get in the way. And there it was. Chris had posted a video on Facebook called The Photographic Adventures of Han and Chris – it was so adorable. The Kiwi got in from work and before she’d even got her coat off I passed her my phone and told her to watch it lol.

Chris asked The Kiwi if she wanted dinner with us as well so we all sat together and watched Top Gear while eating our dinner, The Kiwi was then going out with some friends and me and Chris sat on the living room floor and played Monopoly. I’m not a big fan but it’s like Chris’s favourite board game ever and he always wants to play to the death – well I died when he ended up with Hotels on the browns and 4 apartments/house on each of the. We have a new version of Monopoly but had it been the old version he had the hotels on Old Kent Road and Whitechapel and the the 4 apartment/houses on the Leicester Square, Coventry Street and Piccadilly.

By the time we finished at about 10pm I was so glad for it! I don’t mind playing but the card version means that you can’t physically see how much money you have left and things like that so that makes it a little more challenging. I do prefer the original in that I know what the streets are and where roughly they are on the board.

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    • Hannie says:

      Exactly thats why I avoid playing it lol. We have to make sure we set the rules before we start playing otherwise for one or another reason a disagreement arises lol.

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