Day 5 (Jan 5th)

Something in life that gives you balance.

Friends and God then again maybe that should be God and Friends.

God – okay so I’m just going to burble about this for a sec and then move onto friends. So people question whether God is there all the time and I have to say that yes he is. I might have had answers to pray but it’s often only when I look back at them do I realise that they were there. If that makes sense.

Family – I am blessed with a loving caring family who really care for me. When I was at Middle School I had a really bad time of it. Mainly caused by myself but thats a whole other story. At that time my parents stood by me although it was tough to do. I remember my Uncle taking me for a milkshake and a chat to see if we could work out what was going on in my 10/11yo brain. I think my parents figured that if I spoke to someone in family but further away from me than my parents I might be able to open up and deal with what was going on. If I have problems now I go to my Mum and my Grandma because they are so fab. If it’s marriage stuff I go to Grandma – okay she doesn’t have all the answers but she’s been married nearly 50 years – that kinda gives her some experience right?!

Friends – Some days I just want to shut myself away and ignore the world but often thats when I get all bogged down and worry about stuff more so often after having a pray, going to see friends – or them coming to see me is what I need to get back on track and get stuff sorted.

I think these are the things that keep me balanced.

Prompts from Something For When You’re Bored.

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  1. Becky says:

    One, I love the word burble. And two, what a lovely post. I feel exactly the same way about my friends — essential to my mental and spiritual health! Happy New Year, Han!

    • Hannie says:

      Burble is a great word lol. Thank you. I think my friends stop me going nuts lol. Happy New Year to you to Becky 🙂

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