Day 69: Cake!!!

Cake!!! by hannypants
Cake!!! a photo by hannypants on Flickr.

This evening we had band at church, in our room we ended up all sitting down for the whole practice – which was kinda good because after about 30 minutes my guitar starts to hurt my back sometimes.

We were in the rehearsal and my friend came in and said that we needed to go see her after the rehearsal finished.

She’d got a surprise for us. We each got a cake like the picture (made by her daughter – who is also one of my friends) and a card with an encouraging message in there. There are 6 people in our band and about the same in the other band, she’d also included the sound and visuals team in that so that was like another 6 people.

I feel so blessed – I had a bad evening yesterday after the Members Meeting followed by a good appraisal at work today and then getting the card just topped it all off.

So fab and so lovely 😀


    • Hannie says:

      Surprise cake is the best kind! Especially when it comes with a card with encouraging words – just what I needed to top off a fab day – I’d had my appraisal at work which was good all round just some bits to improve on (which is good to know I’m still not perfect hehe) and then that encouragement made my day super fab! I am glad that I made you smile too 🙂

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