Day 81

Hello there

I feel like I haven’t written in ages – I’ve posted pictures of 30 Days of Lists, Music Monday and Blogger’s Wednesday but that’s the only thing that’s been happening. I’ve been knitting a heap and that’s kinda to a deadline so I’ve been working on that rather than writing. I also got some crazy idea about publishing my NaNoWriMo novel on Amazon Kindle (Even if it’s rubbish and no one downloads it lol) so I started editing that – I think I gained 4 words in the first paragraph only to lose like 8 in the next – I might also have to cut out chunks if I repeat myself which would make sense given that I was on quantity not quality drive back in November. Will I do it this November? At the moment, no I am not going to do it but on the other hand I might – we’ll see what else is going on by that point.

So what have you all out there been up to? I keep reading lots of other blogs and beginning to get a little downhearted that I’m writing and no one responds but then I give myself a kick in the butt and tell myself to be grateful for the readers that I have got in the first place. I keep thinking of new names (there is a blog out there called My Little Corner of The World and I figured it was kinda too close to my name so ideas please!)


These are Days 21 and 22 images for 30 Days of Lists

30 Days of Lists: Day 21

Day 21

30 Days of Lists: Day 22

Day 22

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