Day 87: Blog Birthday

Happy 4th Birthday


This time four years ago I posted my first blog post here. It’s had it’s ups and downs and some days I’ve really not been bothered about it and other days I’ve posted multiple times – well here goes for another 4 years (fingers crossed!). I’ve changed the blog name to “The Second Quarter” because at the end of of next month I turn 25 and enter the second quarter of my life 🙂 (Yup I guess that means I’m hoping to live to 100! Well we’ll see won’t we!) I’m hoping to bring in new features and things like that – I’m still working on them.

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    • Hannie says:

      Hey Mike 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by. I think it’s like alot of things you either get it or you don’t and then you either sit it out and do what you can or you do the minimum. I guess we’re in the do what we can and get on with it camp!

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