DAY 9: Bring on The Band Practice

Today is Thursday which means that it’s band practice. Mrs Mow Mow is leading the whole band for the first time a week on Sunday which is cool.

I had a rubbish day at work today and so when I got to band practice I was a little worse for wear. Practice started off ok but I had to ask for help like 5 times and was beginning to get agitated. When I got a response I just burst into tears – I have no idea really why it just happened. I guess I was a tired and was fed up with feeling really meh about everything.

At one point today I wanted to grab my bag and leave and not come back till after Easter, I then decided that as much as I wanted to skive paying rent is more important! lol All I had to do was deal with it and hang on for the rest of the afternoon.

Anyway back to band practice, so Mrs Mow Mow is leading which is cool. She’s picked cool songs but again there are no kids worship songs. I almost want to form a kids worship band to play in all-age services so that we do have kids worship songs. I get you to need to include everyone but one or two kids worship songs isn’t going to wreck the whole service is it?