Dear Blueberry – 39 Weeks


Dear Blueberry,

Today is 39 weeks. That means next week you’re “due”. Uncle Richard and I were both born early whereas Daddy was born late so I figure you might be on time but I guess we will see. You’ll appear when you’re ready.

On Saturday we had a worry. You hadn’t really moved between me getting up and Daddy and I thinking about lunch. I laid on the sofa, played you music (I played Bellowhead – I figured it was lively and should wake you up!) and even Daddy got me a really cold glass of water. He started with chilled water from the fridge and added about five ice cubes to the mix. Even then you didn’t move. We rang the hospital and they said come in. I phoned Grandpa and asked him to come wait for Our Sidekick if we weren’t home in time. He made a joke that I was calling to tell him and Grandma that I was going into labour well actually I wasn’t.

We got to the hospital and I was hooked up for the machine again. It was like once the midwife had a poke you decided to wake up and move like someone was tickling you to death. You kept moving and didn’t stop. We were discharged and sent home. You, me and Daddy went to get lunch then came home for a bit and waited for Our Sidekick to arrive home.

At my last appointment, the midwife decided that I needed an extra appointment so I’m off to see her again today. I’m hoping she’ll say that you’re engaged more than you were last week. We’re convinced that you’ve dropped but what do we know – the midwife is the medically trained one.

Daddy made me go for a walk yesterday. The idea being you might be encouraged along a bit – I think he’s very very excited to meet you and wants you to hurry up and get here already!

See you very soon little one

Love you



    • Hannah says:

      I have started a Project Life page for Blueberry’s/my baby shower so I had thought of printing them off in some kind of layout as the next page but it’s sort of complicated as getting ink for our printer seems to be an international mission or something like that, might have to come up with a Plan B but giving the letters to Blueberry would be a lovely thought. My friend JD suggested setting up an email address and emailing photos and little journal entries of sorts to Blueberry and then when s/he is 18 giving him/her the password. It would probably be very cringey lol

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