Dear Friends (on Mother’s Day)

Dear Friend, today I know you’re wondering if that person to have a family with, will ever cross paths with you.

Dear Friend, today I know you’re questioning the next negative pregnancy test in a long line of failed attempts, wondering if you’ll *ever* get to be a Mum.

Dear Friend, today I know your heart is aching because as much as in your head and heart you want to be a Mum, your health or your circumstances mean that you’re not able to be a Mum.

Dear Friend, today I know you’re mourning the loss of the baby you’d hoped would be part of your family, maybe you never got to meet them other than a scan or maybe you didn’t even get that. Maybe you got to hold your sweet child for minutes, hours or longer but now they are no longer here to cuddle and kiss.

Dear Friend, today I know you may sit and miss your own Mum. Maybe she was a huge part in your life and now leaves a big hole.

Dear Friend, today I know that maybe your Mum wasn’t ever part of your life and you miss her for the what ifs so much it aches.

Dear Friend, today I know that maybe although your Mum was part of your life, maybe it would have been better for her not to be there at all.

Dear Friend, today I know it’ll be hard either because your Mum is in another country or maybe on another continent or maybe you’re a Mum and your children are far from home.

Dear Friend, today I know you might be missing your Mum because the path your life took doesn’t line up with what your Mum wanted for your life.

Dear Friends, today I know you might be avoiding church so you don’t have to deal with what Mother’s Day brings to some churches, or maybe you’ve battened down the hatches and you’re not leaving your bed so today can be skipped and ignored.

Dear Friends who have been my “Second Mums”, thank you for adopting me and taking me along on this journey of life. Thank you for hugging me when I’ve cried, feeding me when I’m hungry, giving me a drink when I’m thirsty. Thank you for looking out for me along the way.

Dear Friends, I wish I had a magic wand or something to answer your prayers and wishes but I don’t. I do however have hugs for those who need them. I have shoulders to be cried on. I’m not going to win a Michelin Star and it might just be a frozen pizza or microwaved pasta but you know that if you come to mine and need feeding I’m on the case. I’ll never win Bake Off but I’ll track down or make some cake or biscuits if the situation calls for it. I don’t drink tea or coffee but if that’s your beverage of choice you can bet the kettle will be on for a cuppa. (And at the moment if wine is your beverage of choice I can actually do a glass of that!)

Dear Friends, today will be hard for some of you maybe for the reason above or maybe it’s something else but if you know me in person, come find me, I’ve got a hug and a smile for you.

Friends you are lovely. Share the love, spread some happy, let’s celebrate our friends, those who encourage us along like sisters or those who take us under their wings like a mother.

Drawing by Mari Andrew