Dear Jaxon… – 11 Weeks Old

Dear Jaxon...

Dear Jaxon,

This actually snuck into last week…..we spent most of the day at home and then in the afternoon we went for a walk around the country park in the sunshine. It was lovely and much better than being cooped up at home.

Daddy and I spent the morning tidying up ready for the social worker to visit. In the end she had thought that the visit was at 2pm when actually it wasn’t, it was at 11am. She apologised profusely and we rescheduled for next week. She was lovely and kept apologising, it was a little annoying but she’s never normally late or if she knows she’s going to be she makes a conscious effort to call ahead.

After we waited for her, Daddy was going for lunch with Steve from church, we dropped Daddy off then parked the car. We walked into town and had a coffee with Vivien, Becca and Baby R. Baby R had had his 8 week vaccinations in the morning so slept for a chunk of the time that we were there. After that Daddy, you and me went to buy some swimming nappies – we had planned to take you in the afternoon but we decided that actually it might be better to take you to a proper parent and baby session rather than a general swim session at least to start with.

When it came to giving you a bath, Daddy had a good idea. He got in his swimmers and run a slightly deeper bath for you, he got in the bath with you and held you so that you could float in the water. You seemed to enjoy it apart from when you turned and managed to put your whole face in the water – you were a bit surprised and freaked out but you calmed down pretty quickly.

Grandad came to visit quickly but you were feeding when he popped by so you didn’t have chance for a cuddle. He’s coming on Sunday as well I think so you might be able to grab a cuddle then.


We took Daddy to work this morning, we were part way home and he texted to tell me that he still had my house keys so we had to turn round and go back from them. We then went to the supermarket to get some bits.

As church split to two services this week we decided that if the weather was good then we’d walk to church. Well the weather did hold out and daddy you and I walked to church. When we got to the green Our Sidekick was playing basketball while the park was quiet. Daddy pushed you in the buggy while I attempted to try and score a hoop. It was really bad and it bounced off the hoop. I had a second attempt and still missed it.

Following church, rather than staying for lunch, Daddy, Our Sidekick, you and I walked home. We had lunch at home and watched Doctor Who all together (I think you actually slept through it).

After a feed you slept from 7pm until I was mean and woke you up at about quarter past 1 as you’d been asleep almost 6 hours and I needed you to feed so I could go back to sleep. It was pretty impressive as you went back to sleep for another four hours. Woke up for a change and feed then slept for another three ish. I think you must have been tired having been awake for most of the morning!

We started the day off fairly lazy but in the end we had to get up and get organised. Before we left the house, I made a packed lunch for a picnic with Mini Fairy and her Mum. You and I then went to the garage to get a new tyre for the car. The chap in the garage also pointed out to me that the spare was almost flat and so needed to be pumped up but also that the bolt that holds the tyre in place was sort of stiff and so would need some WD40 on it.

Following that we went to the supermarket to get Mini Fairy a birthday present and some biscuits to share round at the picnic.

We arrived really early at the Farm Centre so we had a feed in the car before everyone else arrived in the hope that it meant that we wouldn’t have to try and find places to feed you on the way round. Actually it’s kind of handy going out with a group of ladies who are all mummies because they “get it” in a way. Two of the little girls thought you were lovely and kept talking to you. They wanted to hold you too but I think you weren’t so keen on being fussed over at some points.

Following lunch you fell asleep, you managed to sleep through the really bumpy tractor ride and then woke up when I clipped your car seat back onto the buggy as it sort of jolted.

After lunch we had a look around the animals then headed back inside for a drink then it was time to come home. We’d had a lovely day but it was nice to go home and chill out.

I’ve got a complete mind blank for what we did other than our mammoth walk to the Post Office in

Grandma and Grandpa went away for a couple of days. While they were away they got you this present. I love it!! Now you just need a rugby shirt to wear underneath. Now where can I get an England Rugby shirt in your size?

Ruggers Baby!

Love you little one

Mummy x

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