Dear Jaxon… 13 Weeks/3 Months

Dear Jaxon...

Dear Jaxon,

As I type this from my phone you’re snoring in your Moses basket (a little quieter now than you were about thirty minutes ago).

Normally I write what we got up to this last week but I keep failing at that so in coming up with a plan b where I try to highlight what I remember!

Last Friday, you, me, Becca and Baby Riley went for a walk around the Marina and then went out for lunch. The weather was so glorious that it didn’t feel like it should be October at all. It was almost like a spring morning minus the leaves starting to change colour. At one point I nearly ended up balancing you on one side with Riley on the other side as Becca popped away from the table for a few minutes and Riley decided he needed his Mummy.

On Saturday we went for a coffee date with the ladies from church. It meant there were five Mummies and their children (and a fur baby!). Emma brought Isaac the guide dog with her. He didn’t quite guard you like he used to but we did snap this picture of you both.

Jaxon and Isaac Dog

I imagine that soon you’ll be chasing Isaac and he won’t be so calm. Either that or he’ll still love you and take care of you.

On Monday we went to help out a Uncle Richard by sitting at his house while waiting for an installation. You were nice and calm until the drilling started and that upset you. We ended up sitting upstairs in the spare bedroom as it was the furthest point from where the installation was happening. I think if the weather had been nicer we’d have sat in the garden or under the car port so it was quieter.

We went to the supermarket after and nearly had to swim to the car as the heavens opened and it down poured for pretty much the rest of the day.

3 Months Old JaxonMy lovely new jacket fits!!

As it happens you’ve just woken up. It’s not a surprise as you’ve been asleep since about 9:30pm this evening. I’m just hoping it doesn’t mean you’re going to wake up at 4 or 5am and decide that the day is starting.

Anyway, You turned 13 weeks on Wednesday followed by 3 months today. You have a proper cheeky character coming through. Funny that you’re almost taking after your uncle and he takes after his. Clearly it’s something in the genetics.

Our Sidekick has got more confident with holding you now so he helped me out this week. He even volunteered to change your happy at one point, he stood at the changing table and cheered when it was a wet happy instead of a poopy one. It was really funny. On another occasion I’d been in the kitchen and when I came into the living room you were all curled up on his lap with your head against his chest I think you were listening to his heart beat like you listen to Daddy’s or mine.

Today we went to get you weighed and then wandered to the bus stop to head into town. It was a proper adventure and you slept for some of it. I need to start planning some other walking routes to explore with you.

So here’s some stats…
Weight: 14lbs and 15 ounces
Clothes: 3-6 months
Nappies: Size 3
Feeds: Most of the time you’re down to one night feed but sometimes it hits two depending on what time you went to bed in the first place.
Bedtime: It still varies and often varies depending on if you actually had a proper nap in the day.
Likes: Anyone playing with your legs. Music and bright lights. You like it when Mummy watches Strictly Come Dancing because it the bright colours and the action. Tummy time when you’re not forced to do stuff like put your head looking to your left shoulder instead of your right.
Dislikes: Being on your own (for example if I pop to the kitchen or the loo). Baths – it’s possible that it was because Daddy is normally present for baths and recently I’ve been doing it myself without Daddy.
Other things: You like to hold my thumb or the neck line of my shirt while feeding. If you come unlatched you head butt me until you’re comfortable again. You suck your hand but haven’t found your thumb yet. When you are given a dummy you often spit it out!


    • Hannah says:

      Hello Hannah! Thanks for the comment – wow nearly birthday buddies! I guess Toby arrived on the 8th July then – Jaxon was on the 9th (after messing around for about five days!). Thanks for stopping by.

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