Dear Jaxon… – 15 Weeks

Dear Jaxon...

Dear Jaxon,

Hello there. Last week you surprised us. Chris was sat with you in the back of the car on Friday and somehow ended up with his finger in your mouth. He commented how he could feel a little tooth coming through. When we swap seats I had a go, no there wasn’t just one in there but two little teeth coming through. So in theory you will have your two front teeth (albeit it bottom front!) for Christmas.

You’re now 3 and a half months old. With assistance you can sort of sit up. If we don’t hold you, you either fall sideways or you fold forward. I’ve found that if I prop you up against my pillows on the bed you’ll sit there quite happily while I potter around and do chores. On Monday while Daddy was away for the night we put a lot of washing away which had been taking over as I hadn’t got that far! You sat on the bed and gurgling and chatting away to me. It might not make much sense but you were excited and babbled faster and some points and at others you just had little babbles that were shorter or just had one or two sounds instead of the longer babbles that have like five or six sounds. You are starting to have conversations with us which is really fun. On Monday we also went swimming again, it was the first time I’d taken you by myself so we went to the pool with Hazel and Mini Fairy. They were there for moral support and on hand if I did need extra help. It was a challenge to get the bag in and out of the locker while holding you but once I managed that we had a good time in the pool. You were okay on your back but not entirely keen. I held you upright in the water by your arm pits. You kept trying to kick your legs out behind you. This was really good but you haven’t got the hang of holding up your head when we lie you on your tummy so I couldn’t put you in the water on your tummy as the water would have been in your face. I think this frustrated you a little but if you can get the hang of it then we’ll try again another day. You were really calm for the whole time until you’d had enough and then you got a little worked up and we had to go. Hazel was impressed at how well you’d coped with it all. Next time I’m going to take your swimming seat/float and see if you like that. You’ll be able to put your legs in the water and sit up without me having to hold you too much. Hopefully you’ll get a bit stronger and won’t need my help so much to sit up too. We’ll just have to see.

One morning Daddy sneezed right above your Moses basket. It made you jump and it woke you up. You freaked out and started crying. I thought it was just his sneezes that upset you until this week where I sneezed twice in one evening and both times you cried. In the end I tried to clamp my hand over my mouth so that the sound wasn’t so loud. It seemed to work – I just need to remember to sneeze that way instead of how I normally sneeze.

You also started another trick. You were lying across my lap after having a feed and started to kick your legs and managed to roll yourself on to your side. In the end I put you on the floor and you spent a couple of hours just rolling from your back onto your side and back again. You just need to get the hang of rolling on to your front and then linking it altogether and you’ll be able to roll completely. I’m not sure if all this activity is normal for your age or not but you’re getting good at all these skills it’s no surprise that you’re sleeping really well.

You’re in 3-6 months clothes although Daddy thinks your legs are getting too long for some of your outfits, weight wise you only have about 2lbs then might have to move up anyway which I’m sure will be before you’re 6 months old. You’re still in Size 3 nappies but weight wise we might have to move you up to Size 4 soon. I wanted to buy you an outfit for Christmas but I’m reluctant to get it at the moment in case I get the wrong size! Anyway that can go on the to do list for another day.

Love you lots Little One


Jaxon in his Jeans

Look mummy I'm learning!