Dear Jaxon… – 18 Weeks // 4 Months

Dear Jaxon...

Dear Jaxon,

This week contained a heap of mile stones. On Sunday  you turned four months old and attended your first baptism service at church. On Monday we went to London with Grandma and Grandpa which meant that you went to London, on the train, the tube and an escalator all for the first time. As I write this you’re sat in your flower thing reaching for the cuddly animals that dangle from it – what an acheivement.

Grandpa and Jaxon on Tower Bridge

So on Monday we headed off for London. Grandma and Grandpa came and collected us, Grandma had an appointment to go to so you, Grandpa and I waited in the car park while Grandma went in to her appointment. You weren’t entirely happen so I was just about to feed you when Grandma appeared. We went to the station to catch the train and I think because there was so much going on you were happy to wait a little while longer for a feed. While on the train you had a feed which meant that you were okay until we stopped for lunch about three hours later. Although the weather forecast had said it would be dry it started to spit while we were at the Tower of London looking at the poppies. Grandma, you and I lost Grandpa at one point so while we stayed in one place waiting for him to try and find us again we got out your rain cover so that you were nice and snug even if we were getting a bit damp!


Following lunch we decided to walk towards Covent Garden but in the end we decided that we’d head back towards St. Pancras as the shops that we wanted to visit had branches in the station. We caught the District line to Leicester Square – thankfully on each tube train we were on people were happy to move around us or free up the buggy spaces so that we could park you.


On our way from The Tower of London towards Covent Garden along the river we spotted The Shard as well as other landmarks like the Gherkin. While we waited for the train home you were getting upset so I got you out of your buggy and before my phone died I managed to snap this picture of us on the platform.

There you have it at 4 months and one day you went on your first trip to London. I’m not sure how much you will remember but when you’re older I’m sure we will tell you all about it, tell you about the poppies and what they signify. I’m sure if you ask Grandpa he will give you a history lesson all about the war too.


So here’s some stats…

Weight: 16lbs 3oz – this was at your weight in around 3 and a half months, we went two weeks early because we wanted to check you were still gaining weight okay and to ask the HV some questions.
Clothes: 3-6 months but if you keep growing you’ll be out of them soon!
Nappies: Size 4
Feeds: Most of the time you’re down to one night feed and often that’s around 5-7am so if you don’t go back to sleep again I can always get up and we start our day then – some mornings we get huggle time with Daddy before he goes to work.
Teeth: two bottom ones in the middle. I keep meaning to ask our friendly neighbourhood dentist whether I should be cleaning them or not yet!
Bedtime: It still varies and often varies depending on what we’ve done during the day. We’ve started to try and get you settled and ready for bed around 10pm, if it’s bath night then it’s a little earlier so you’re nice and calm.
Likes: Watching Strictly or Dancing with the Stars – I’m sure you shouldn’t be into those programs
Dislikes: Being on your own (for example if I pop to the kitchen or the loo). Baths – it’s possible that it was because Daddy is normally present for baths and recently I’ve been doing it myself without Daddy.
Other things: This month you got to meet Loren one of my friends from school. Hopefully one day we’ll make it to Australia to see her and where she lives but for now she’s seen you and thinks you are lovely. (I think she’d smuggle you home with her if there was space!)

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