Dear Jaxon… – 3 Weeks Old

Dear Jaxon...

Dear Jaxon,

Today you are three weeks old. You’re often quite alert and you react to somethings. For example when you sneeze you still look a bit stunned that the sneeze came from you but I think you’re getting a bit more used to it.

On Wednesday your cord fell off and so we’ve been keeping an eye on your belly button healing up. By next week you might have had your first proper bath. Daddy needs to get the bathtub down from the loft and the remaining scab needs to heal and we’re good to go. Grandma said we could always bathe you in the sink or in the washing up bowl like Great Grandma did to me when I was little.

On Thursday, during the day we went to Castle Mound to see a performance of The Tempest, you were either feeding or asleep during the performance so I’m not sure how much you actually witnessed. You went to knitting group, you got to meet Judit and Lucy amongst other people but I had definitely lost you to Lucy for the evening. I think she couldn’t quite believe how little you were in comparison to her little boy Bert.

Open Air Theatre

On Friday, Daddy and I went to run a I errands in town. One of the errands took nearly two hours. You were really good and slept through nearly all of it. In the afternoon, we had a visit from our Social Worker who looks after us while we look after Our Sidekick. She had a cuddle too. We spent the rest of the day together as Chris and Our Sidekick had various adventures planned. You and I went for a walk to Grandma and Grandpa’s house. We had tea in the garden and you napped for Britain!

Open Air Napping Part Two

You do this breathing thing where you take a deep breathe and hold it only to release it with a big sigh and keep breathing normally. You did it while Grandpa was watching you and he got a little freaked out that you’d stopped breathing. Don’t worry I did something similar when I was a baby. Grandpa came to check on me and I was asleep but my eyes were open and so wad my mouth. He had a little panic on!

Saturday was a little tense and I was struggling. Chris was at work and Our Sidekick went to contact with his Mum. You wouldn’t settle, you’d have half an hour of a nap then feed or need a change then sleep again which meant that from 4am I didn’t really get a break. I couldn’t sleep as by the time is dozed off you were awake again. In the end Grandma popped found to drop off some bits and she put you in your Moses basket and clearly whatever she did or because it was her not me you were out like a light. I got two hours sleep and following that I felt miles better! When Daddy for in from work you and him curled up on the floor, it was so cute but you were getting a bit worked up. Maybe we need to put a blanket down in future.

Just Chilling

On Sunday, all four of us went to church followed by the picnic. At church I sat at the back and so many people said hello to you and me on their way in. You were in the wrap so slept for ages.

All snuggled up in the Hug A Bub

Now where is that going?

Jaxon and I sat under the tree in the park

Each day since Monday we’ve been for walks. Usually to the supermarket but I’m hoping we can manage a bit further this week.

Good Morning!!

I love you little one.



    • Hannah says:

      Hey Jess, thanks for the comment. Well he’s still alive and seems to be thriving so I must be doing something right lol.

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