Dear Jaxon… – 8 Weeks Old

Dear Jaxon...

Dear Jaxon,

Today you are 8 weeks old and today we’re going to get your vaccinations done.

That’s as far as I got. When we got home from the doctors you weren’t happy and by the evening you were super grouchy. Epic hugs were required and this meant that not a lot else got done for the rest of the day!

So let’s see if I can write this on my phone while you nap on me….

Today we went to give JD a lift to an appointment. I’d messed up and dozed off while you were asleep and JD called at 2:15 asking where I was as her appointment was at 2:20pm. Oops! I got in a state and went to collect her. While she was in her appointment we popped to The Fountain to get JD, her boyfriend and me a drink. I was running out of phone battery so you and I sat outside the building her appointment was in and we waited for JD and her boyfriend to come out of the appointment. After that we dropped JD and her boyfriend home and she gave me some wool that she’d had for a while and not used. We dropped in at home to collect some bits then went to Grandma’s before going to Slimming World. Grandpa had come home from work as he wasn’t feeling entirely well. Grandpa, you and I hung out in front of the TV and chatted about various bits and pieces. As you’d just had a feed we left you with Grandpa while Grandma and I went to weight in at Slimming World.

With some of the Ladies Group going back to work next week as their jobs are in teaching or in schools we went to the last coffee date before the schools go back today. You and me met Emma outside our usual haunt and then walked to Pensieri to have coffee there instead. We were joined by Margaret, Joy, Helen and Zack from church. It was lovely to sit and chat to everyone. Emma stocked up on Jaxon cuddles then you were passed round but you were getting a bit restless as you were hungry.

After Daddy finished work, Daddy, Our Sidekick, you and I went to look at a new car. We weren’t able to go in it for a test drive but Daddy did and he really liked it. While he was driving you and I walked up and down the forecourt with you wrapped in a muslin and my jumper as Our Sidekick was speaking to his Mum sat in the car. It was good fun until Daddy got back and we had to unwrap you to get you into the car.

As Daddy worked yesterday he had today off instead, I think this confused you a little bit especially when he was there in the morning instead of being at work.

Now that we had a bit more time we went back to the garage with Grandpa and had a better look at the new car. I didn’t get to drive it but Daddy got to have a better look and a drive. We weren’t able to buy the car today as part of the paperwork wasn’t ready.

In the evening, we went to dinner at David and Ally’s house, it was a bit of adventure finding their house as they live on quite a new estate and one of the roads isn’t clearly named so we ended up going the wrong way at first. We had a roast dinner which was really lovely. They’d especially made sure that it was gluten free for Daddy, we had gluten free stuffing and gravy too which was really yummy. For pudding we had apple pie and ice cream. It was shop bought apple pie in the end and Daddy couldn’t have any because it wasn’t gluten free but it was really yummy and we all enjoyed our pieces!

In the morning we went to church. It was quieter this week so we were able to stay in the main service a bit more than we have in previous weeks. When children’s work started, you and I went in to sit with the kids. You were all wrapped up and were asleep so I sat and knitted while watching Friends and Heroes. Part of the story was about Rahab and the spies. We learnt a new kids worship song that had been learnt at One – I just about managed to do the actions and learn it without waking you up which was quite impressive.

We had lunch with the Church gang, as the weather was good we sat in the garden of No 90. Daddy, Our Sidekick and I sat next to each other and you were in the wrap.

After lunch, we went to get the new car. While were waiting for Daddy to finish bits in the garage. Grandpa, Our Sidekick, you and I waited in the car park. Unfortunately, Grandpa’s car was involved in an accident, I’m not entirely sure what happened but it looked like the other guy was at fault but I’m not sure that’s correct.

Daddy drove the new car as far as one of the villages, then I had a practice driving on the quiet road through the village then once I’d got the hang of it I was allowed to drive home – it was quite exciting. The new car is longer than the old car so that’s a bit of a challenge.

The original plan for today was that we’d take it easy but would go shopping for some more nappies. However Daddy wasn’t feeling very well and ended up having the day off work. Rather than rushing around like we do some mornings we took it easy and spent time hanging out with Daddy. After a whiie I got up and got dressed and went to the supermarket to get some nappies and have a look for some medicine for Daddy. They didn’t have the one he needed so I had to go to the other local supermarket that did have it. I came home and Daddy took his medicine. While I pottered about doing chores like clearing out the old car, Daddy looked after you inside the house.

This morning Daddy left for work while we were still asleep. He then rang and said that he was being sent home from work so you and me got into the car and went to collect him. He had already started walking home so we met him half way. While I tidied out the old car he looked after you inside the house.

In the afternoon, we went to the doctors. I was to have my six week post natal check up, you were to have your baby check up and your vaccinations but it turned out that you had to be exactly 8 weeks old or more to have your 8 week vaccinations. This meant that I have to take you back tomorrow and get your vaccinations done. After the doctors we took you to see Great Grandma and Grandad. Great Grandad had to pop out to meet someone but Great Grandma was in and I think she loved seeing you. Great Grandad arrived home part way through our visit so he got to see you anyway. They came out so say goodbye and you met their neighbour – I think Great Grandma had been telling her all about you because she was excited to meet you too.

Following yesterday’s false start I was all geared up for today. In the morning we popped into town so chat to one of the girls at The Fountain but she had to go to an appointment so we gave her a lift to her appointment while chatting about things. We went back into town so that we could do some other bits and then came home.

When we got home from town we chilled out, the post lady arrived with the post and one of the packages was Mummy’s new ring sling. I looked up the instructions and I attempted to get you into it. It seemed to work as you went to sleep but it didn’t feel that secure so I don’t think I had it done up quite right. I posted a picture on one of the FB groups I belong to and they were able to give me tips of what I needed to do to get it right.

Mummy and Jaxon playing with the ring sling

In the afternoon we went to the doctor’s, when I got out of the car I put you in the ring sling which proved to be a good idea as we were seen in one of the rooms upstairs in the doctors and I would have had to take you out of the buggy before taking you upstairs. It also meant you got lots of snuggles following your vaccinations.

The first vaccine was an oral one, it was clear and came in a syringe of sorts. I held you while the nurse gave you a little bit at a time. She said that you were really good as most of the babies she had vaccinated today had spat it back out again whereas you swallowed it all. The next two were a little harder. You had to have two injections, so I held you while one nurse put an injection in your left leg and the other nurse did your right leg – the idea being that it’s less painful or less stress if they do them both at the same time. You cried really loud at first then I turned you back round on my lap and we had a cuddle and you calmed down again. I held you back to the car, then when I put you in the car seat you started crying again. Clearly a combination of the stress and the crying was enough because by the time I’d got home you’d dozed off. When you came round a bit later I put you into the sling again which was a really good idea because you were really clingy. I think you were a bit traumatised by the needles etc.

Jaxon - 8 Weeks Old

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