Dear Jaxon…9 Months

Dear Jaxon...

Dear Jaxon,

You’re such a character now! You love blowing raspberries and now I’ve moved the car seat to the other side I think you like the fact that I turn round and pull faces at you when we’re at traffic lights or stuck in traffic.

When you’re not contained in your play pen or buggy you’re a complete wriggle bum! On one occasion you started one side of church then next time I looked you’d rolled and wriggled yourself across the church! When I came to get you I don’t think you were that impressed because you were still trying to make an escape for it.

This month Aunty R got baptised at church. You celebrated your first Easter, you received a toy giraffe that plays music from your Fairy Godmother and a chocolate egg from Great Grandma and Great Grandad. I’m not actually sure how much of the egg you will eat because really you shouldn’t have chocolate yet, I think we might have to divide that up between me, Daddy and Our Sidekick.

You’ve also been a well travelled baby this month with two trips to Cambridge and a trip to MK. You’ve been in the Connecta lots too so we’ve had extra snuggles. Daddy carried you in the carrier at the Open Air Service on Good Friday, you gave up and had a nap against him – I think you felt super safe there curled up next to him.

Love you baby boy

Mummy x
Weight: 9.61kg – about 21lbs 4oz to the rest of the world
Clothes: You are most definitely in 9-12 month clothing now. I cleared out your clothing at the weekend and found that you’ve got hardly any clothes in this bracket! I think you must have had extras in the 6-9 bracket.
Nappies: Size 4
Feeds: In the last week or so we discovered that if you have formula for your feed around 10pm-12am then you sleep through to about 7am rather than waking in the night. I guess I would rather you were breastfed all the time but I was struggling with the broken nights sleep to the point that I have had a cold for the best part of three weeks!
Teeth: Six still but according to the doctor in BEDOC there are another four about to poke their way through.
Bedtime: You now go to bed at 7pm. Sometimes it varies depending on what else is happening. Yesterday you went to bed closer to 6:30pm because you were shattered and hadn’t napped properly during the day.
Naptimes: It varies but we are getting better – you go down for your morning nap at around 10:30/11ish – however twice in the last week you’ve made it to 1:30/2pm without a nap and then graciously gave up and crashed.
Likes: Having meal times when Daddy is around – he feeds you all sorts that you probably shouldn’t necessarily be having!
Dislikes: Still the lumps in the food but the health visitor made some suggestions so we’re going to try them out.