Dear Jaxon…One Year Old

Dear Jaxon...

Dear Jaxon,

Happy Birthday Special Precious One. Today you turn one and I’m questioning where the last year has gone to.

Today I am 1 Year Old

You’re inquisitive and always on the go. We often mention how Uncle Richard would keep going until he crashed out usually in the middle of something. I think that’s going to be you. Daddy and I will find you asleep in the middle of the living room floor, toy in hand, fast asleep or something like that.

You’re going on your second holiday soon, although it will be your first camping trip which will be exciting. I am trying to be excited but every so often I start fretting that you’ll be cold or won’t nap well or something like that. Chances are it’s nothing to worry about and you’ll be as chilled as usual and will fly through it.

This morning we opened some of your presents. At first you were more interested in getting back to your morning drink but then you got into it. You got some lovely new clothes and toys from Nanny and Grandad. You got some lovely cards too from different members of Daddy’s family as well as a couple from people he knows from work.

It’s so exciting to see you learn new things. Something you probably shouldn’t have figured out was how to climb the stairs. I had left you at the bottom of the stairs at Grandma”s house and when I turned round you’d started climbing.  I made sure I could catch you and set up my phone to start recording. Then I came up behind you and followed you up the stairs. At least at Grandma’s there is carpet at the bottom rather than tiles like our house.  

You’re a right character and you’ll laugh if we pull faces at you or blow raspberries but we’ve not had an independent laugh or giggle yet. Maybe it’s coming. I imagine that I am going to be the butt of quite a few practical jokes when you and Daddy get going.

Happy birthday baby boy.

We love you so very much.

Weight: I’m guessing around 23lbs but we need to go get you weighed. That’s part of the birthday fun today I think.

Clothes: I think you are still fitting in 9-12 clothes but Daddy says he thinks you’re in 12-18. I think it depends how many times the outfit has been washed to whether it fits or not.

Nappies: Size 4

Words: we don’t have formed words but we definitely have Dada and sometimes even Mama.

Feeds: You are still having jars some meals but we’re trying to give you more proper food. I need to check that this is okay but so far you’re enjoying it.

Teeth: 10 teeth! We were up to 9 and then yesterday I noticed that another one was poking through.

Bedtime: 7pm minus a Thursday where bedtime gets messy. You’ve been struggling a little bit with bedtime at the moment. I think because it’s still light outside. If we can get through it now the clocks will change before we know it and it’ll be getting dark again.

Naptimes: you’re still napping during the day. You have a 2 hour nap in the morning but some days I can stretch this out and push it into the afternoon. A few occasions you have just skipped it completely.

Likes: your new toy telephone. It came from one of the regulars at Chris’s work.

Dislikes: being apart. Some days you’re fine but there’s been a couple of occasions where you’ve been fine when I’ve been away but when I come back you cling to me for a little while.