December 2 – This Weekend I…

Joining with Sar from [Life of Love]
and Syndal from Synfully Delicious.

This Weekend I… went over to Interchange with my Mum. The Range opened a new store in Bedford so we went for an explore after some of our friends have been talking about it. It was fairly busy but not jammed like Chris said it would be! I had a good time and it was lovely to catch up with my Mum, we pottered round Argos and Next. Did a favour for one of her friend’s while we were over there too. We got tea and headed home again. I got some felt for a Christmas project, some writing paper, another Christmas present and new pillows – my big chunky one I purchased during the summer or possibly even spring seems to have vanished!

This Weekend I… got up and went to the supermarket to get the bits I needed for the dinner party I was hosting on Saturday Evening. By the time I’d finished shopping two people had dropped out 🙁 . While I was in the supermarket I bumped into my Mum who was shopping with my brother before it got to busy. While I was looking at the cheese, my trolley got moved from beside me, when I looked up it was my brother dragging it away from me. It was kind of funny but he nearly got an earful! I told Chris when I got home that someone had tried to steal my trolley in the supermarket, he looked horrified then I told him it was my brother and he started laughing.

This Weekend I… spent some time just chilling out and surfing the internet – I am pretty sure that I could have spent the time better but actually in the crazy that was going to happen I decided to chill for a bit. I tidied the kitchen a bit around the surfing and also had some lunch.

This Weekend I… popped round to see Judit who helped me cast off my loom knitting project, I had made it as a Christmas present for one person but I’ve had a reshuffle but think I’m still going to use it for a Christmas present. It would seem the casting off is all about the crochet – which is really funny given that it’s loom knitting!

This Weekend I… got home and followed the instructions to make a low syn version of Lasagne. It’s not the same but it’s a close alternative that’s for sure! You can find it here.

This Weekend I…  hosted a dinner party of sorts. My two guests arrived and dinner was almost ready as they walked through the door so the guests sat in the living room for about 10 minutes while I finished getting ready then we all sat down to eat. Dinner was lasagne with side salad. Pudding was fruit salad and ice cream. Following dinner we sat in the living room and chatted then shortly after 9 we put the TV on to watch The Bible series that started on Channel 5 this weekend. (What was with the ninja angels? And what happened to Joseph?)

This Weekend I… and Chris (yes bad English I know!) ended up watching more Elementary – we ended up a couple of episodes behind what was showing on TV so we’re now catching up. We’re now up to Episode 5. Episode 6 here we come! I carried on reading Summer Falls by Amelia Williams. It’s a tie in to the Doctor Who episode that it appears – it was a really easy read and I was definitely too old for it!

This Weekend I… sat at church working on a crochet blanket while I listened to the band rehearse and Chris opened the building ready for the service. During the preach I decided I really needed a drink and couldn’t wait for the end of the service. I snuck out and went into the kitchen – normally by that point on a Sunday there are mugs out on the side and a jug of squash ready for the kids. But actually there wasn’t anything ready, I’d just seen The Murf who would probably have some idea about whether refreshements was cancelled after the service. I managed to find him and we found out that the Connect Group who were supposed to be doing refreshments had forgotten they were on duty. As I know how to drive the coffee machine, K and me got on the case and got the refreshments ready just in time for the end of the service. I stayed around to help serve the refreshments and once we were down to cleaning up I went to find Chris as we had other bits to be getting on with.

This Weekend We… were invited for dinner at our friend’s house we had chicken and noodle soup and ended up talking lots of cheese! Mainly me talking about my love for Bavarian or Hungarian smoked cheese. It’s my favourite!

This Weekend I… got in from church and flopped in a heap on the sofa. I had originally grabbed the purple blanket that lives on the back of one of the chairs, but as I curled up on the sofa, Our Sidekick walked over to me and took the blanket off me, then put his duvet over me – I think he’d been cold and so had brought it down from his bedroom, he’d then seen that I wasn’t 100% so gave it up for me! he’s such a sweetie! He’s going to make a good husband to a lovely girl one day. I watched Strictly Come Dancing (predicted who was going home and I was correct!) then watched A Christmas Wish. The happy ending made me son, Chris tapped me on the shoulder and asked me if I was okay because my breathing had gone all funny.

This Weekend We… watched another episode of Elementary. I finished reading Summer Falls and started Cranky, Beautiful Faith by Nadia Bolz-Weber. This lady is amazing, she’s a recovering alcoholic, put herself through seminary and then trained to be a Lutheran Pastor, on one fore arm she has a tattoo of Mary Magdalene and tattoos on the other arm too. I think if you saw a picture of her and didn’t know who she was, Pastor would be one of the last guesses when it came to her occupation.


  1. Claire Edna Peckned says:

    Wow! A pastor would not be obvious at all. I’m pretty sure I always thought that it was illegal to have tattoos as a pastor. Keep blogging, and keep in touch with the tattoo pastor.

    • Hannah says:

      Hi Claire. Sorry for the delay in replying. As far as I’m aware it’s not illegal, some churches frown upon it and others are accepting I think it really depends on your kind of church. I don’t think it would go down so well at my church but then again our church has a majority older generation congregation. A church that is aimed at Students/20s/30s might accept it easier – now I could be wrong that’s just based on my own observations of sorts.

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