December 28 – What Am I Doing??

Tetris Blanket

I don’t know the actual source of this picture so I can’t tag it and give if the reference and all that sort of thing but having just googled Tetris Blankets there are like thousands of different incarnations out there so I can’t even find it that way. I had another look using the actual google search and managed to find it from a store onĀ Etsy. If I make another I might play with the layout and come out with a different pattern. Mine is different in the pattern for each square and the way they are connected together.

Anyway, so having seen the picture above this was the patttern that I’ve drawn out for the blanket which I’m making for Chris. I imagine that if I can make like 3 squares a day then it should take about a month and a half maybe two months. I guess we will see – check Instagram for updates me thinks…….@girltaristhan

Creating some form of plan. Why is it I always get an idea for another project when I've just cast one on!!

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