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I was tagged by Ellie at LittleWanda Crafts who had been tagged by Pockets Full of Sorrow, formerly Happy Ichigo. I am going to tag June at Calendar Pages I met her through Swap-Bot and She rocks! When I got the email I was actually checking my email at work so here is my work desktop followed by my laptop desktop.

EDIT: I came back, I had tagged June earlier but I’ve come back to tag some more. So here goes: Karyn at Fat Orange Cat,  Karrie at Girl on The Rocks and Dawn at Handmadelove

Work DesktopMy Desktop

Here’s what you do according to Happy Ichigo:
“Upload your desktop pic, you girls are super artsy people, lemme see your desktop! This is how its work..pretty easy! It’s like doing a Print Screen; hit the PrtSc button on your keyboard, but instead of printing the screen, open Adobe Photoshop or Paint, then go to Edit and click Paste. Then save the file as .jpeg like you would any other image file. and whoa you’re done.”


  1. june says:

    Rock Angel, I’ve never been tagged for anything before and am not sure how it works. I know I’m too paralyzed by computer jargon to follow your directions but I am able to put a picture of my desk to on my blog, maybe not today, most likely tomorrow — and then, I presume the thing is I tag somebody and tell them so. That’s okay. You’ve got to realize this is an old dog learning a few new tricks. I’ll do my best Check out my blog in a day or two.

  2. Hannah says:

    I’m not really sure! I think I found it on Google Image Search.

    The Work desktop is one of the defaults you get on the computer.

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