The One with The Early Finish

So those of you who follow me on Twitter will know that at lunchtime I had a headache and really wanted to go home and sleep rather than go back to work. 

I headed for the supermarket and picked up this stuff called 4head – My brother swears by the stuff and wants more is that it’s not drugs it’s a herbal remedy thingy so no nasties (although I had already taken painkillers because the pain was doing my head in *excuse the silly pun!*).

I put some on and went back to work – I just wanted the headache to go away as I couldn’t concentrate. I got back to work and it had begun to work so that was good.

Anyway so I get back to work and I’m sat there doing my thing – I get up and go to the fax machine and the lights go out – turns out a fuse had blown down the corridor and had knocked out all the lights across the building. 

At about 2:30pm a rep from the team who look after the building came to tell us that at 4pm all the power would have to be turned off so that the electrician men could sort out the power and try and get us back to normal.

So The Big Cheese decided that it wouldn’t be worth us all hanging around trying to find stuff to do, he gave ITman in the USA a call about whether the server would need shutting down and stuff like that and they came to the decision that we would need to shut down computers at about half 3ish. Just enough time to get the shipping labels done and a few other bits then shut down so ITman could do his thing.

Anyhoo I did filing as I was instructed to do and then by 4:10 I was in my car and on the way home! It felt so weird being in the car on a work day listening to Steve Wright on BBC Radio 2 – something didn’t seem right!

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    • God's Rock Angel says:

      I so agree! i got another one this week because they had to turn the power off again! So out of my two full days I was working this week I actually finished at like 4pm instead of 5:30!

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