Exploring Copenhagen: Where to Find the Most Interesting Murals

Something great about Copenhagen is the street art. Some of it is graffiti and can look messy but other pieces are like these murals.

Back in October while I was still exploring I started collecting photos of the murals and sharing them on Instagram. For those first few weeks, it still felt a bit like an extended holiday and so there was time to explore in a way.

Now the list is getting longer I figured it was about time that I put them into a blog post and shared them here as well.

Mural 1: Thorvaldsensvej

This one looks a little faded but even then still looks so much nicer than maybe a plain brick all or a wall with graffiti tags on it (the kind like this…I think some graffiti can be really effective.)

Mural 2: Norrebrorouten

Next door to Ali’s Bageri at Nørrebrogade and Nørrebrorouten (across the road from Superkilen/Røde Plads). This was one of my first ones I saw when I moved to Copenhagen, from our first apartment we’d cycle along Nørrebrorouten to get to church. We worked out that actually it wasn’t the best route and then started taking a different route so I didn’t see it as much as before.

Mural 3: Nattergalevej

Between Nattergalevej and Rørsangervej there’s a playground that Jaxon has called the Treehouse Playground (I think I might have to check my source on that one when he gets home from school). On one of the buildings near the entrance, there is this mural – I think it’s really clever out the design comes around the corner of the building.

Mural 4: Lergravsvej

While following Walk 1 in The Copenhagen Companion, I found this mural on the end of one of the buildings. It was an unexpected find but definitely brought some colour to what was a grey day.

Lergravsvej (Go Hotel City building)

Murals 5 and upwards: Møntmestervej

This is a whole street of murals. There is a row of 7 or 8 apartment buildings (on each side of the road) and at the end of each building, there is a mural.

Colourful Murals in Copenhagen
The Corner of Møntmestervej and Smedetoften
Mesterstien (even)
Mesterstien (odd)
Svendelodden (even)
Svendelodden (odd side)
Rytterbakken (Even) – This made me think of Alice in Wonderland right?
Rytterbakken (odd)
The corner of Sokkelundvej and Møntmestervej

I will keep my eyes peeled and could be back with some more as I find them on my travels. Have you been to Copenhagen? Have you seen any murals like these? Are there murals like these where you live? (There’s one that’s popped up in Bedford – how cool is this Octopus on the Lurke Street Car Park)


    • Hannah says:

      I love that too. I meant to look into whether they have any significance to the area or the street that they are on – especially the ones on Møntmestervej. There are definitely plaques next to each of them with information on them so they might need a closer look so I can translate them.

    • Hannah says:

      I can imagine it being quite a popular thing over Scandinavia – helps to cheer people up on the grey gloomy days I’m sure! I think I’ll have to start a second list soon!

    • Hannah says:

      If you’re ever here I’ll be sure to provide you with a list to get you started – you might be able to add some to my list too!

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