fiftysix: this weekend i…

Joining with Sar from [Life of Love] and Syndal from Synfully Delicious.

This Weekend I… helped Our Sidekick make and ice a birthday cake for his mum. In a stupid way I’d left it to the really last minute but at the same time it made sure that the cake was as fresh as it could be.


This Weekend I… gave blood. My friend came with me and we had a few giggles. We then popped into town and bought some more wool for the baby blanket. It’s getting there and is almost finished. Part of me is excited to finish it. The other part of me is a bit sad to see it go – then again it means project two can start.

This Weekend I… was supposed to go to Book Club however with so many things vying for the 12-3 slot in my Saturday something had to give. Unfortunately this week it was Book Club – we were discussing the first half of Dracula by Bram Stoker.

This Weekend I… on Sunday we had church as usual. This week we had a visiting speaker called BB Shonga from a church in Zambia. It was good fun. Following church we went for lunch at The Gordon Arms. I had meatballs. They were yummy but needed more sauce on them.

This Weekend I… technically it was today by this point I read about Goth Subculture following this post on UCB.

If you stepped into The Order of the Black Sheep church you’d find black walls, Gothic logos and a ram’s skull – this church has it roots in the heavy metal scene. John 15:19 tells us to be in the world but not of it. How far should we go to appeal to those ‘outside’ of the church? Would you go to a church like the Order of the Black Sheep – why, why not?

There’s now over 150 comments on the status but yesterday my biggest “complaint” was that people had a stereotypical view of Goths and automatically linked it with satanism which isn’t the case a lot of the time.

This Weekend I…. (again another Monday one). Me and Libs went out for dinner and then went to the cinema to see Song For Marion. It’s a lovely story albeit really sad in some places (especially one bit in the middle – I think Libs thought I was a bit mad when I whispered “call an ambulance!”).

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