First Day of Work

I feel like I should have taken a photo of me on my first day at my new job. But I didn’t – It didnt cross my mind to do it until now and I’m kinda in the same clothes but changed my jumper – so I can’t now!!

I had a phone call at 4pm ish and was told that my car was finished and that I could pick it up – there will be a photo tomorrow of it’s new nose once I’ve taken it to the car wash on my way home from work. It’s funny the bonnet is lovely and clean where they have put the new coat of paint onto it, the wings are absolutely filthy as the car hasnt been probably washed since the accident. Apparently according to Chris I shouldn’t wash the car tomorrow as the paint might be too new or something – he’s shouting at me from the other room rather than getting off his backside and coming to talk to me about the car and what I should be doing.

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