First Impressions (HTC Desire Z)

This evening my new phone arrived. I was going to go into town yesterday to get it but stuff including the weather was weighed against me. It wasn’t snowing but it was very icy and last time we had snow I ended up going to A&E (thankfully it was just bruising that time)

Anyway so here I am lying in bed with feet like blocks of ice while I write this post and attempt not to doze off (I think the cold weather makes me want to hibernate more that anything else.

The on screen keyboard takes a little getting used to. Because of that I’m using the Qwerty keyboard to write this post and so far it’s good.

The slide out keyboard is good but due the angle at which I’m writing this I’m a little worried about the screen and how flimsy it feels. Then again maybe its just new phone nerves lol. I’ll be fine in a few weeks once I’ve dropped it down the stairs and thrown it about in my bag lol.

I installed the WordPress for Android app which even in a younger incarnation is better and stabler than the iPhone equivalent. If I switch from the landscape view to the vertical (on screen view) and back again there are very few problems whereas before ny iPhone would have crashed and freaked out at me. This is either because of the app itself or the fact my phone was running iPhone 4.2 on a 3G handset.

All in all I’m pleased with the choice. A lot of my favourite apps are available on both platforms so there are no worries there. The camera is nice and clear, there are also “in house” filters you can use to create black and white or sepia images for example.

Anyway I love it, blogging during my lunch break and on the go should be a whole bunch easier now.

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