Firsts: Sleepover

We can tick off two firsts in one day. Following the cinema trip on Saturday me and Our Sidekick headed home to write thank you letters to two of the families in the church who gave him some goodies this week. One of Our Sidekick’s friends called round for him and I had to play Bad Cop again.

He’d not finished what he needed to do that day so he couldn’t go out to play – I felt kinda bad but at the same time knew it was exactly what my Mum and Dad would have done to me when I was his age.

But it wasn’t all that bad as Lambkin was coming for a sleepover so that Caz could go to the curry night at church plus another party/outing she’d been invited to. We had pizza for tea, then I watched Strictly while CJ wound Our Sidekick and Lambkin up something crazy. No wonder they both looked shattered by the morning lol. The boys all went out into the garden and made a fire in the chimnea (is that spelt right?).

The morning was tough because CJ was tired still and I don’t really do mornings. Add to that, Our Sidekick was in a proper stinky mood because he was tired even though he wouldn’t admit it. We got to church and we were both shattered and I guess hadn’t really thought about how crazy it would be to have a 12 and 10 yo under the same roof and sleeping in the same bedroom (or not so much sleeping lol). Anyway it was good fun and was good to see Our Sidekick smiling and laughing.

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