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Joining with Sar from [Life of Love] and Syndal from Synfully Delicious.

This Weekend I started reading Dracula. It’s the next book for Bedford Book Connections and I’m really interested in a slightly strange way. I used to watch Buffy and Angel as a teenage. I also read/watched the Twilight books/films (yes okay I’ve learnt the error of my ways but I see it as “advance research” – also means I can complain about how vampires don’t sparkle!). I have also watched Interview with The Vampire and Queen of The Damned.

This Weekend I kind of protested and did as few chores as possible on Saturday. In fact I spent most of Saturday either blogging or crocheting. I will finish this baby blanket as soon as possible. Especially as baby is due imminently!

This Weekend I sang in the worship band for the first time since I officially left back in November. We had an Outpouring meeting with Carl Tuttle leading worship and speaking. I texted the guy leading worship saying I was about if he needed a bassist or I could sing and he wa like “yeah! Sure be at church at this time”. Two friends later commented about how great it was to see me in the band again. One said “Just to say thank you so much for worship. Please come back and join the team.”

This Weekend I bought ingredients for stir fry. We also discovered that poppadoms are gluten free.

This Weekend I well technically it wasn’t the weekend, I discovered that unicorns are in the bible. Yeah okay it all comes down to translation but it stills kinda cool lol.

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