Friday… (And a trip to hospital)

Fetal Monitor, Pulse Oximeter and Blood Pressure

Hello there.

How’s your day going?

Mine started fairly lazy. Chris and I went for lunch instead of our normal day off breakfast date. We ended up at one the local restaurants that we usually frequent. I had my salad and started on my main course (while Chris did various work bits that he probably shouldn’t have had to organise on his day off lol).

Part way through lunch I started to get flashing lights in front of my eyes a bit like a migraine but without the pain and the nausea (that I normally associate with a migraine). We decided that if I still had the flashing lights then we’d go and seek medical advice.

Part way through lunch the flashing lights changed – although they were still there it was more like fuzziness around my peripheral vision. Having googled changes in vision and no pain I was concerned (as anyone would be!). Chris had a whole conversation with me about three 50p coins he had in his wallet. I remember the conversation and picking up the coins but felt like I wasn’t really there. It was like I was completely cut off from what was happening. We paid for our meal and I was in a state. I couldn’t entirely describe how I felt and we decided that we needed medical advice. I tried the midwife but the number I had on my notes was wrong. (I’m not sure if I read it wrong or Chris misread the Midwife’s hand writing because I have the right number in my phone!).

We tried the day unit at the hospital but there was no answer, so we called the Delivery Suite – I was trying to explain how I was feeling and things like that but wasn’t doing a good job. When I managed to explain enough, the nurse said to come into the day unit and I would be seen from there.

As we’d walked to the restaurant Chris left me sat on the bench outside and went back inside to tell someone I was there. In the end the manager and a customer (I think) came outside to wait with me and keep an eye on me. While Chris had been inside I rang my Mum. She’s well trained in “How to Deal with Hannah when she’s sick”. She dropped what she was doing and came down to meet me.

Chris dropped me off outside Cygnet Wing, while he parked the car, I headed for the Day Unit once I’d managed to figure out which floor it was on. I walked onto the ward and headed for the Day Unit Reception. Thankfully a lovely nurse noticed me and that I was in a bit of a state. I explained what was happening and she pointed me to a seat. Another nurse came and chatted to me and explained that they would have to put me on the delivery bit of the ward for now as they didn’t have any space in the Day Unit. I didn’t mind I just wanted to make sure that both baby and I were okay.

I was hooked up to a BP machine and my pressure was taken every 15 minutes. They also did another test to make sure that it wasn’t the beginning of preeclampsia. Thank The Lord it wasn’t!

I was moved along the corridor back onto the Day Unit and was hooked up to a fetal monitor, pressure cuff and a pulse oximeter (yes my inner nerd was having a field day reading the results between having my eyes closed and relaxing). At one point Blueberry had the hiccups which could be heard on the monitor too. I think Chris was a little freaked as it was a funny noise but I knew what it was

While sat in the hospital I messaged Kewey to let her know what was going on. She told me to chill out so I sent her the picture on the left. She then replied with the picture on the right!

Gotta chill out!

We were discharged about 5pm and came home (via the petrol station to make sure we had fuel in case of an emergency). Our Sidekick met me at the door when I got home. He was worried about me and gave me a mahoosive hug. I’m now hanging out in front of the TV watching some random film that I found. Might do some knitting or crochet.