friday questions #3

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1. Do you prefer sweet or savoury?
Sweet! I’m really bad! I’d rather snack on a biscuit than something savoury.

2. Do you prefer handwritten letters or emails?
I love both but prefer handwritten letters – they are much more heartfelt in a way than an email – especially given the number of emails that I send on a daily basis!

3. What book is number one on your to be read pile?
At present I’m reading up to Chapter Fifteen of Dracula. I’ll probably go back to “From Blah to Awe” by Jenna Lucado Bishop.

4. Would you rather do a job that you hated but you earns lots of money or earned minimum wage for a job you loved?
It would be nice to have a job I loved and the money but as long as I could cover my bills I think I could be happy (ugh that’s really cheesy but hopefully makes sense!)

5. Did you do anything for Valentine’s Day (or is it overrated)?
I went to Aquacise with JD and her friend. It was good fun but kinda tiring especially as I spent most of the time treading water to keep still. I got home and Chris and I exchanged presents. I had got him the digital LP of “Don’t You Worry Child” by Swedish House Mafia. I thought he’d like it. Well he did – he liked it that much he already had it! He got me a card and a Digital Photography magazine/book. Going to need some adventures or people to snap pictures of.

I think Valentines is a bit overrated but its about each couple coming up with their way of celebrating it.

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