Friday Questions #9

Friday Questions

I really mean it this time! I will get my butt in gear when it comes to posting these questions on a regular basis.

If you join in leave your link in a comment or send me a tweet – I’m @girltaristhan on Twitter.

1. Last week there was a multi million rollover on the EuroMillions Lottery. One break time we sat discussing what we’d do if we won – what would you do?

  • Clear our mortgage (you know sensible grown up things first!)
  • Help my brother get on the housing ladder (Well if he wants to do that!)
  • Buy Chris his electric car (and get an Electric Smart Car for me lol)
  • Donate a chunk to charity (What if The Fountain didn’t have to worry about resources etc.?)
  • I wouldn’t give up work completely but I’d take time out to pursue interests – write a book, spend months, crocheting and knitting my fingers off. Maybe set up my own  business.
  • Help my family out in whatever way I can.
  • Put money in trust for Our Sidekick that way if he decides university is where he wants to go then he has the financial support to get there and achieve his dreams.
  • Go to Australia, catch up with Loz and Sheens, meet up with Jelly, Mel, Ruby and Brandon. Well and do the tourist bit.
  • Go to New Zealand and see the Kiwi.
  • And quite a lot more…..

2. What songs have you been listening to recently?
Ready for the performance tomorrow I’ve been listening to The Monkees and a Jools Holland cover of Lady Madonna (I couldn’t find The Beatles version!). Also been listening to too much of Hairspray and Grease lol. There was a bit of opera thrown in for good measure. I think Les Mis crept in too.

3. Dream holiday – where would you go?
There are way too many places that I’d want to visit. I wrote a list of the American states and then started filling in the places I wanted to visit in each state – my page was filled within in a couple of hours – However I’m going to have to start it again as I misplaced my list….

4. Actual holiday – do you have plans this summer?
So far there isn’t anything booked but hopefully we’ll head off somewhere fab.

5. Since starting my new job I’ve been introduced to two new blogs, which blogs do you like reading? (top 5 maybe??)
First up we have those two new blogs that I’ve been introduced to, Number 1 is Gujarati Food Made Easy and number 2 is Buttercream Magic both are written by Meetali. Next is the Monster Yarns blog. Monster Yarns is a business that my friend Judit runs. She’s seriously passionate about knitting and all things yarn – she inspires me massively. Last is a draw between Melissa Explains It All and Brooks Reach Building Adventure. The first is written by Mel who is a fellow girl geek who loves movies and tech just like me. The second is Ruby’s blog documented her and her husband’s adventure building their own house. As it happens Mel and Ruby are married to Daniel and Branden of Jelly and Bean.

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  1. Vivien says:

    Q1: I definitely give some away, pay off the mortgage, give some to the kids, set up a trust fund and travel
    Q2: Only what’s on the radio or my CDs, nothing special
    Q4: No plans, want to go to the seaside
    Q5: Yours and anything that has a positive spin

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