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I’d starting writing a whole post and was almost finished then I changed app on my phone which should have been okay but when I came back to the WordPress app and my post was gone – even the draft that I had started before on my computer – how annoying! (I even shouted “Pants!” very loud in the car and I think Chris jumped lol).

Joe Deluccis

So rewind a bit – to say about the second week in June – we’re all praying that the weather will perk up a bit and that we can get out our shorts without feeling like we’re blinding the neighbours (or at least thats me as I have pasty white legs lol). I get an email from the lovely Sylvie from FuelMyBlog offering a voucher for Joe Delucci’s. I had a look on the website and my nearest store is Luton. I also spotted that there is one in the Bullring in Birmingham. No problem – I was going to Birmingham for Birmingham Vintage Fair at the end of June (by the way the next one is on the 24th September!! Don’t miss it!)  – I could use the voucher then and share the gelati with Rickie – well that was an idea only till I looked and saw that the Bullring was a little further away from the Jewellery Quarter than I thought it was and add to that, we didn’t really have chance to make it over there and back again as well as all the BVF stuff that had to be done.

So I needed a plan B – me and Chris had a spare Saturday so the following weekend we headed off to The Mall in Luton (it used to be the Arndale but it was all rebranded and so now it’s The Mall – I’m pretty sure that you need to say it in an American accent so you don’t sound too posh lol!)

What Flavour Would You Like?

We got to Luton and had been expecting to find a proper store – a bit like the Haagen Daz one in Paris lol. Actually it turned out that it was a concession stand in one of the main walk ways. I was first loving the seats that were at the stand – they were the back ends of Vespa scooters – if you regularly read my blog then you will know that I love Scooters and even shared some pictures of them that I had found over the last few weeks.

We showed the guy who was serving us the voucher and he explained that we could see the flavours available on the other side of the counter – so we walked round and saw this fridge/freezer – Oh. My. Word. I actually didn’t know what flavours to go with – I think I would have had like 5 scoops and still have wanted more! In the end I choose, Oreo Cookie and Caramel (or it might have been Toffee but it was that kind of flavour.)

My Gelati

My Ice Cream tasting partner in crime went for Summer Fruits and Lemon. We each had a spoonful of the others flavours – I really liked the lemon as it was very lemony and definitely did what it said on the tin! While we were sat there eating a little boy came and bought a waffle – I think now that I know that they do waffles as well I could be back there to try their waffles as well!

Chris's Gelati

All in all my ice cream was very yummy – I don’t think we would have stopped for an ice cream there if it hadn’t been for the voucher as it was a little pricey for two scoops of ice cream (especially as there was a supermarket chain about 5 minutes along the shopping centre and we could have got a box of lollies for the same price), however if it was as a treat then I would go back again. Also because our nearest branch is current in Luton it’s a long way to go just for ice cream if they were to open one in Bedford then it might be further up the list as a date night option – luckily on this occasion we had other things to be doing in the shopping centre so we just added it as a stop on our way round. The ice cream was yummy, however the staff on the stand although they were helpful they weren’t really chatting and we almost felt like an inconvenience for being there taking up seats at the stand.

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This is a sponsored post.

The voucher for the ice cream was provided for the purpose of review by Joe Delucci’s Gelato through FuelMyBlog. You can also find them on the Web, Facebook (Well apparently they are but I can’t find a link!)  and Twitter

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